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Total Experience Management
with community at its core.

Alida’s comprehensive TXM platform is powered by a verified, engaged and deeply-profiled community of the right customers, at the right time. Because to get really good results, you need really good feedback.

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Better customer inputs. Better company outputs.

Businesses today face increasingly complex issues, from inflation to supply chain obstacles to waning brand trust. We believe that to stay competitive, companies need an experience management platform that delivers fast and reliable customer feedback at scale. With Alida’s Total Experience Management (TXM) platform you get:

  • Reliable Data & Insights.
    Consistent and reliable insights that regularly exceed 50% audience response rates.
  • Scale.
    The ability to test and validate with broader representative audiences.
  • Speed.
    Agility and faster speed to insights to achieve a better ROI.
  • Respectful Engagement Model.
    Customer communities built to achieve deeper relationships with your customers over time.
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The most innovative brands use Alida.

176 million people globally have shared their insights through Alida's Total Experience Platform to inform over 60,000 customer  experiences and initiatives.

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  • “Our retail growth strategies are grounded in feedback we gather from the insight community...”

    Laura-Lynn Freck, Director Shopper Insights, Red Bull

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  • “Our community is so engaged that we can often test a hypothesis over a weekend ... “

    Alexis Morton, Senior Analyst Global Brand Insights, lululemon

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  • “We connect product designers directly to consumers to shorten and improve product innovation. “

    Valerie Brock, Senior Research Manager, VMware

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  • “We’re passionate about translating feedback into actionable insight, leading to tangible changes ... “

    Colan Neese, Senior Manager Audience Insights, Twitch

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  • “With Alida, it's not only about getting the data, but also ... “

    Franchesca Hernandez, Assistant Manager CXM, Insular Life Assurance

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    Insular Life
  • “Alida is an instrumental tool in our customer experience movement ... “

    Nate Foco, Senior Director, Sales and Market Intelligence, Priority Health

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Boost your business model with Alida’s community-centric CX Model.

We work with you to set goals and design a CX strategy that embeds community at its core. You’ll access the most powerful insights and fuel a sustainable business impact.

Access  the right customers at the right time

Analyze to dig deeper for customer truth

Act on reliable insights and data

Acknowledge your customers' impact

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Learn from your customers. Stand out in your industry.

No matter what sector your company's in, access hard-to-reach audiences to provide a deeper understanding of your customers and make better business decisions, faster.

If you're looking to launch a new offering, reach a new market, or even pivot with ease and confidence, Alida TXM can help.

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Develop better content. Improve viewer experience. Increase ad sales.

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Build better products and user experiences. Deepen customer loyalty.

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Test offers & messaging. Build innovative financial products.

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Test campaigns & marketing messages. Improve loyalty programs.

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Improve patient experience. Strengthen relationships with patients.

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Put community at the center of your market and experience research programs.

Alida enables companies to iterate faster with end users, include the voice of the customer in product development, and improve the effectiveness of marketing programs.

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Customer Experience

Deliver value at every point in the customer journey. Improve engagement and satisfaction. Reduce churn.

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User Experience

Access verified participants. Increase recruitment efficiency and speed to insight. Obtain higher quality feedback.

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Product Experience

Prioritize roadmaps. De-risk launches. Increase product adoption. Respond with speed and agility.

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Brand Experience

Progressively profile for granular personalization. Test and validate strategies and concepts. Ensure every message resonates.

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See Next-Gen CX in action.​

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Alida is a customer experience management and customer insights platform. Collect valuable customer feedback and voice of employee data through your insight community powered by Alida.