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Alida On-Demand Video Library

The Alida video library includes videos to help you develop your knowledge and skills in creating and managing an insight community. Choose from the instructor-led class recordings to watch based on your schedule.

Each video reflects the legacy content developed under Alida’s previous company name, “Vision Critical”. They’re still relevant and useful today so please enjoy these videos as we work towards updating these.

Market Research

Introduction to Market Research and Customer Insights Learn about the market research and customer insights industry. Watch now
Market Research Methodologies Learn about qualitative and quantitative market research methodologies, and about basic and advanced research methods. Watch now
Market Research Terminology Get an introduction to the most common terms used in market research. Watch now
Best Practices for Designing Activities Learn about the nine guidelines for designing effective activities. Watch now


Theory and Value

The Value of an Insight Community Learn what an insight community is and how to articulate its importance to your organization. Watch Now
Your Member Engagement Strategy Understand the purpose of member personas and be able to leverage them as part of your member engagement strategy. Watch Now
Best Practices for Member Recruitment Learn the importance of building a recruitment strategy and aligning it to different recruitment methods. Watch Now
Planning for Member Engagement Learn how to motivate members and develop a plan to enhance that motivation. Watch Now
The Role of the Insight Community Manager Get an overview of the insight community manager's role and learn why it’s important to the success of your insight community. Watch Now
The Theory of Progressive Profiling Get an introduction to progressive profiling and learn how to use it to leverage the customer data you already have. Watch Now
Building Your Insight Plan Learn the three key components of an insight plan, and how a Sparq community can help with them. Watch Now


Plan and Design

Working with Business Stakeholders Identify internal business stakeholders and connect with them for collaboration and sharing of insight. Watch Now
The Insight Community Launch Team Learn about the importance of setup stakeholders and why they are key to the creation of a community launch team. Watch Now
Creating Member Personas Set up your community for success by creating member personas and identifying the best recruitment methods for each. Watch Now
The Recruitment Survey and First Member Touchpoints Apply best practices to your recruitment survey creation and understand the importance of your first few member touchpoints. Watch Now


Use and Execute

Using Sparq to Fulfill an Insight Request Learn how to use Sparq to fulfill an insight request, and get introduced to the different areas of the tool you'll use. Watch Now
Introduction to Creating Surveys Learn how to create a basic survey in Sparq, with examples. Watch Now
Expanding Your Survey Creation Skillset Building on what you learned in “Introduction to Survey Creation," learn additional functionality for building surveys in Sparq. Watch Now
Targeting Activities to Members Use existing community data and hyper-target the members you want to reach with your activities. Watch Now
Analyzing Data and Sharing Insights Learn how to analyze the data you have collected in your community and the ways to share it to stakeholders and insight community members. Watch Now
Additional Activities: Forums Learn how to set up, manage, and analyze results from forum activities. Watch Now
Additional Activities: Power Surveys Learn to add more "power" to your surveys using quotas, scripting, and templates and when to use a Sparq Survey vs Power Surveys. Watch Now
Monitoring Insight Community Health Monitor the health of your insight community and take action to ensure it remains healthy. Watch Now
Introduction to Member Hubs Optimize the member experience with Member Hubs to effectively engage with your insight community beyond survey and forum activities. Watch Now
Text Analysis and Sharing Insight Use Sparq to analyze open-end member feedback in survey comments to reveal measurable, actionable insights. Watch Now

Alida Sparq Fundamentals

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Alida is a customer experience management and customer insights platform. Collect valuable customer feedback and voice of employee data through your insight community powered by Alida.