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Alida Sparq Fundamentals

Getting started or need to refresh your knowledge?

These self-paced video courses will take you from start to finish in building your first survey. Learn how to create add and edit questions, distribute your survey with an email invitation, track participation activity, analyze survey results and share insights with stakeholders.


Welcome to Alida Sparq!

We’ll give you a sneak preview into what you’ll learn in the Alida Sparq Fundamentals course series for beginners. 


Build the Survey

This course will walk you through the steps of creating your first survey. Learn how to add and edit questions and preview your survey.


Distribute the Survey

In this course, you’ll learn how to create and distribute an email invitation, track your participants responses while the survey is in-field and to remind participants to complete your survey.


Analyze Data for Insights

Learn how to view, edit and analyze survey results to get the insights you need in the format you want.


Share Insights with Stakeholders

In this course, you’ll learn the different options for sharing your survey insights with your stakeholders.


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