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The Ultimate Voice of Employee Solution for Healthcare Providers

Reduce workplace burnout, prevent churn, and empower a highly engaged workforce by giving your healthcare employees a voice.


Leverage Voice of Employee Insights To:

Reduce burnout

Reduce Workplace Burnout

Improve the employee journey and diagnose opportunities for improvement and retention.

Culture of empowerment

Create a Culture of Empowerment & Action

Elevate employee experience as a strategic priority that’s central to your business success.


Increase Staff and Process Efficiency

Use employee feedback to identify ways to be more efficient to increase the number of patients seen.

Reduce Operational Costs & Administration Workload

Reduce Operational Costs & Administration Workload

Uncover ways to reduce costs and optimize workload and processes.

Create a community of your employees to get front-line insights

  • Unlimited activities on the Alida Sparq digital insights community platform
  • Leverage pre-built pulse templates to capture feedback at every stage of the employee lifecycle
  • For sensitive topics, encourage employees to speak up by ensuring complete confidentiality 
Healthcare employee insights community

Build a comprehensive VoE program to reach employees wherever they are

  • Deliver interactive surveys on any device
  • Use conversations to capture real-time, qualitative feedback and enable interactive social engagement between employees to generate richer insights
  • Create Quick Polls to provide instant insight and make employees feel heard

“Getting the 360° view from patients and employees improves the ability to drive innovation for the consumer, creates cross-collaboration opportunities, and results in a more complete perspective on culture and brand.”

Consumer Insights Analyst, Advocate Aurora Health

A VoE strategy rooted in empathy:
Experian Health

Listening to the voice of both its healthcare customers and employees empowered Experian Health to take action around the pandemic from a place of empathy. This approach also drove positive business outcomes, including:

  • Improved NPS by 16 points
  • Increased employee engagement by 37%
  • Strengthening customer and employee relationships


A VoE strategy rooted in empathy

Give Your Healthcare Employees a Voice to Elevate Employee & Patient Experience

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