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Alida Total Experience Management (TXM) platform

Alida’s simple, flexible platform powers omnichannel listening, rapid analysis, and automated actions.

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Alida gives you 10X insights, 10X faster for 10X ROI

10X Insights

Broad and deep feedback combine in one platform for continuous innovation. By synthesizing and contextualizing feedback in one place, you can truly understand the why behind the what and determine what’s next.

Get a pulse

  • Multiple, always-on feedback channels deliver high response rates.

Get answers

  • Direct, indirect, and inferred data sources bring together multiple perspectives.

Get validation

  • Dedicated spaces for ongoing collaboration with engaged customers and employees to test concepts and co-innovate.
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10x Faster

Alida’s simple, easy-to-use platform gives you business agility. Traditional customer experience management systems provide too little insight, too late for action. With Alida, you can get answers in days, not months.

Get started

  • Light footprint and simple architecture is easy to implement and configure.
  • Value Engineering team helps you devise your strategy and set goals.

Get growing

  • Central data lake rapidly synthesizes structured and unstructured data.

Get agile

  • Real-time insights help you respond to issues before they escalate.
  • Programmatic approach to CX management makes innovation sustainable.
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10x ROI

A complete solution accelerates time to value with lower total cost of ownership. 

Get unified

  • 100+ integrations allows information to flow across systems so you can see the big picture and act quickly - even automatically

Get scale

  • Modular solution allows you to add the functionality you need, when you need it.

Get results

  • Our award-winning Customer Success team helps you get the best use of our products, measure outcomes, and meet your objectives.
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"The insight of our members allows us to understand the ‘whys’ behind the ‘whats’ that Big Data gives us. It provides intelligence at the speed required by the fast-moving tech industry."

- Tony Tong, Senior Market Research Manager, LinkedIn

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Keep the pulse on your customers and employees


Put feedback into context

Act & Acknowledge

Collaborate with engaged customers and employees

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Alida is a customer experience management and customer insights platform. Collect valuable customer feedback and voice of employee data through your insight community powered by Alida.