A turning point in data collection 

In the face of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, reaction from the public has been swift, emotional and intense. Customers are asking important questions: Why should they allow companies to track their activities and access their user data? Why should they participate in market research? Can they trust companies to keep their data safe and use it only for its intended purpose?

The uproar facing Cambridge Analytica is a wake-up call for data-driven marketers and researchers. It’s an urgent call to disrupt the traditional way of gathering customer data—a process that is often impersonal and fraught with many ethical grey areas.

Technology writer Alexandra Samuel’s insightful examination of this issue has appeared on The Verge, The Globe and Mail and JSTOR Daily. In this webinar, she will share her perspective on the repercussions for companies today and what the marketing and research industry should do moving forward. 

Duration: 30 minutes followed by Q&A

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This on-demand webinar tackles your most important questions, including:

Why is there a big public uproar over the marketing practices that lead to the Cambridge Analytica scandal?

Is it still possible for insight-driven companies to build trust with consumers and convince them to participate in research?

What’s ahead for marketers and researchers in the aftermath of this scandal?

How can companies change their data-gathering mindset and set a culture that’s beneficial to both companies and consumers?



Alexandra Samuel

Technology writer, researcher and speaker, and regular contributor to

The Wall Street Journal, The Harvard Business Review and JSTOR Daily


Tyler Douglas

Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer

Vision Critical

Watch the on-demand webinar now:

Watch the on-demand webinar now: