Diagnosing disruptions:

De-risking decisions in health care’s digital age


The consumerization of health care is forcing health systems to invest in new technologies, processes, and marketing campaigns. But often these expensive and high-risk decisions are made based on gut instinct or traditional sources of consumer feedback—sources that are too slow or not robust enough to keep up with evolving consumer preferences.

Digital strategy consultant Ed Bennett works with some of the most patient-centric health care organizations and vendors to help them navigate these uncertain times. Business leaders come to Ed for his advice on the current state of the industry and the tools required to succeed.

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Get ahead of digital transformation trends in health care

Improve the patient experience while building brand awareness and consumer loyalty

Leverage ongoing engagement with patients and staff to uncover insight for effective and more confident decision-making

Follow best practices from patient-centric health care providers for navigating disruptions and delivering high-quality care



Ed Bennett

President and CEO

Ed Bennett Consulting


Tyler Douglas

Chief Marketing Officer

Vision Critical

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