How Australia's leading TV and radio distributor monetizes, drives growth, and elevates the role of insight

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Reaching 95% of the Australian population each week, Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) is the leading radio and TV distributor in Australia.


Through five insight communities, SCA measures brand awareness and shifts in perception while getting insight on improving partnerships with third-party advertisers.

In 2017 alone, SCA generated over $15 million in additional revenue by monetizing its communities. Today, more than 12 internal teams leverage the company's communities.

This 45-minute presentation was captured live at the 2018 Customer Intelligence Summit.

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Discover how to:

Transition from being a silo to an internal champion, including how to get onto the desk of the C-suite.

Democratize insight and inspire action through storytelling, access and agility.

Monetize your insight community by engaging the un-engageable, provide iterative in-market feedback, and continuously share insight back to ad sales partners



John Musgrove

Head of Research

Southern Cross Austereo


Jasmine Beech

National Sales Research Manager

Southern Cross Austereo

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