How Barnes & Noble College finds success in America’s dynamic retail sector 

An on-demand customer experience webinar that explores what Barnes & Noble College learned from Millennial and Gen Z customers.

Barnes & Noble College serves over five million students and faculty members in more than 700 campuses across the U.S. The company needed to improve the customer experience to suit the needs of online-shopping Millennial and Generation Z buyers who are attracted to brands that reflect their values and earn their trust.

Find out what Barnes & Noble College learned from 10,000 students.


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In this webinar, learn how feedback from Millennial and Gen Z customers allowed Barnes & Noble College to:

Enhance the retail omnichannel experience for a digital audience

Introduce a new sportswear program

Break into the beauty sector with astonishing success

Rethink customer experience for a challenging demographic



Steve McSpiritt

Market Research Specialist

Barnes & Noble College


Ellie Hutton

Sr. Director, Customer Advocacy

Vision Critical

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