How Channel 4’s insight programme secures revenue

The media landscape is constantly changing and evolving. Viewers are spoiled with choice, and advertisers have higher expectations for proof of media effectiveness.

To maintain a competitive edge, media require agile and actionable insights. Channel 4 puts viewers at the core of decision-making to continue being relevant and innovative for their audience and advertising partners.

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Watch our on-demand webinar to find out how viewer insight can help you to:

Grow and secure revenue by informing pitches, testing offers and proving value to advertising partners

De-risk decisions for strategy, content, marketing and product innovation to maintain viewers and revenue

Explore new opportunities for brand positioning and revenue streams

Integrate viewer data and audience insight

Raise the profile of your insight team



Lucy Antoniou

Research Manager

Channel 4


Samantha Cannons

Senior Research Executive

Channel 4


Alexandra Crossley

Director, Customer Success

Vision Critical

Watch the webinar now to learn how Channel 4 puts viewers at the core of decision-making