How Progressive Insights Teams Are Improving Using Direct Customer Data

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Vision Critical Insights Day Round-up:

Showcasing trends and stories from some of our most visionary customers: Sky Bet, Salomon & Condé Nast.

At Vision Critical we’ve long advocated the importance of delivering value back to the customer in exchange for their data. However, in the wake of GDPR, this approach has proven more relevant than ever and offers new opportunities for brands to set themselves apart from their competition.

In October, leaders in the insights and marketing space gathered in London and Paris to hear our take on the best way to collect preference data directly from customers. Sky Bet, Salomon and Condé Nast presented how they are putting new approaches to data collection into action, by transforming their insights teams and cleverly balancing the need for personalisation with an emphasis on earning and maintaining customer consent.

Watch this webinar as we round up key learnings from the conferences, including:

Trust and Transparency: Trends and best practices related to the collection of zero-party data

Customer Spotlights: How event speakers Sky Bet, Salomon and Condé Nast are leading the way when it comes to global communities and data integrations

Demonstration: Ways our platform makes it easy



Alexandra Crossley

Director, Strategic Accounts

Vision Critical


Eric Dymond

Solutions and Renewals Manager

Vision Critical

Watch this webinar as we round up key learnings from the Insights Day conferences