How the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC are making the fan experience their #1 play

Creating a priceless fan experience in a brand new $1.5 billion stadium. 

With the new stadium comes higher ticket prices, and with higher ticket prices comes with higher expectations: the pressure is on for Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC in 2017. 

In this on-demand webinar, Kevin Schohl, Director of Business Analytics at Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC, gives us a play-by-play account of how they're channeling the voice of the raving fan to create the ultimate in-stadium experience. 

You'll hear about:

Ensures a succesful opening of the new stadium

Creates a fan-first food and beverage pricing menu

Improves the overall experience for raving fans



Ben Hudson

Editorial Director

Vision Critical


Kevin Schohl

Director of Business Analytics

Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC

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