Re-imagining research: 10 golden tips for the modern researcher

Customer-centric organisations are increasingly relying on research and insight to help them better understand their customers. But the tools and tactics that once laid the foundation of market research are no longer capable of connecting with today’s empowered consumer.

70% of people have had a bad research experience recently, and if companies don’t do anything about it, they risk losing the trust and participation of customers.

So what’s a market researcher to do?

In this webinar, Andrew Cannon, Executive Director at GRBN, will uncover practical tips and best practices for delivering exceptional research experiences that will help you grow the lifetime value of your customers.

Duration: 30 minutes with 10 minutes Q&A

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Tips from Google, LinkedIn and Twitter

10 practical ways to improve engagement

How to deliver superior participant experiences

How to drive smarter research and improve customer relationships



Andrew Cannon

Executive Director



Peter Harris

Executive VP & Managing Director

Vision Critical Asia Pacific

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