Red Bull earns the right to lead the business by engaging stakeholders and millennials

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Reporting directly to sales, the Shopper Insights team at Red Bull has transformed the company’s understanding of who the Red Bull customer truly is.

They’ve elevated both the business and the Shopper Insights Team with their proactive approach to managing stakeholders across the business.

Their ability to engage millennial consumers and consistently deliver actionable insights to Red Bull’s leadership team has impacted the company’s sales/marketing strategies and retail partnerships.

Mastering engagement and delivering game-changing insights in real time is due in large part to carefully constructed activities and authentic communication.

This 40-minute presentation was captured live at the 2018 Customer Intelligence Summit.

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Discover how to:

Combine your understanding of customer attitudes and opinions with transactional data to make better sales, marketing, and retail decisions.

Position your team to take the lead and proactively collaborate with sales and marketing leaders to guide strategy.

Engage Millennials, without alienating others, by revamping your communication style and research process.



Sarah Shain

Shopper Insights Manager

Red Bull


Laura-Lynn Freck

Director, Shopper Insights

Red Bull

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