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Improve the reach of your insights with a hub dedicated to closing the loop with stakeholders

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Improve the reach of your insights with a hub dedicated to closing the loop with stakeholders

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Most Decision Makers Want to Be Customer Centric

But in the age of big data, it’s hard to find the necessary insights and information to make truly customer-led decisions. The time your stakeholders spend navigating these struggles leads to missed opportunities and lost revenue.


Stakeholder Engagement Is Slow

Centralize insights for everyone who needs them in a private and secure location, giving your stakeholders always-on access to insights, engaging and collaborating with them on key decisions.


Stakeholders Can’t See the Big Picture

When you distribute your findings through emails and slide decks, stakeholders lack a holistic view of the wealth of projects and value you add to the business. Elevate your role and become an essential part of decision making.


You Need to Be Able to Move Faster

Because your insights can go to waste if decisions take too long to make. Empower your stakeholders to collaborate and reach customer-led decisions faster than ever before.


Insights professionals feel they could be doing a better job at sharing insights with stakeholders*


of insights professionals do not share results back with stakeholders*


of insights professionals share their results in a PowerPoint*

*SparqNext Study: Experience - Shareback and
Stakeholder Engagement Date: Nov 8, 2018

Customer-Led Decisions Start with Access to Your Insights

Let Stakeholder Hubs be your platform to share customer insights across the enterprise and inform your stakeholder engagement strategy. 

Share any piece of content that helps tell your insight story

  • Publish insights and stories directly from Sparq with just one click to share insights with stakeholders faster than ever before.
  • Go further than PowerPoint by curating content from multiple sources and file types, with full control over how you craft stories from insights.
  • Promote critical content by featuring or pinning posts to the top of your feed, directing where you want your stakeholders to focus.

Distribute insight to everyone who needs it, in a private and secure centralized location

  • Build a team of collaborators to create engaging content, distribute actionable insights, and prevent data silos. 
  • Send stakeholders regular newsletters to keep them engaged and increase the visibility of your work.
  • Rest assured your customer data is fully secured within the platform as data privacy and data security is our priority. 

Decrease the time it takes to make customer-led decisions

  • Collaborate in-the-moment with stakeholders through an ongoing feedback loop, and build authentic relationships with stakeholders across the organization.
  • Strategically organize posts by category to help stakeholders easily access relevant insights.

Gain more visibility for your research findings.
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