Drive Better Business Outcomes with Broad Customer Feedback with Alida Surveys

Learn how to reveal patterns and trends with broad customer feedback

Would you like to collect broad feedback from your customer audience and external markets? Surveys is an enterprise-grade survey tool designed with 20 years of best practices with all the functionality brands need to build and distribute a survey, and then analyze results in an intuitive interface.

Whether looking to source feedback about customer satisfaction, user experience, product innovation, brand loyalty, or any other business critical initiative that requires direct customer feedback, Alida Surveys has the flexibility and depth of features to turn feedback needs into actionable data.

With Alida Surveys, you will be able to:

  • Launch interactive surveys on any device and in multiple languages.
  • Apply advanced tools (including text and sentiment analysis and weighting) for critical insight on customer segments.
  • Create and share reports or export in various formats for fast, in-depth analysis.
  • Shorten the time to collect actionable data by using our activity templates or by customizing and building your brand’s own personal and shareable template library.

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