Connect and Engage with Your Hardest to Reach Customers with Touchpoint

Learn how to better reach elusive customers with fun, engaging, and interactive activities.

Would you like to reach a broader customer base outside your existing Alida Sparq insight community? Alida Touchpoint provides brands with a different approach that helps reach customers where they spend their time.

Many of the customer segments you need to reach, like Gen Z or Millennial males, are reluctant to engage via traditional feedback collection methods. Alida Touchpoint enables you to broaden your reach by meeting them on social or other online sites where they already spend time, and by using quick, fun, interactive activities to engage and recruit.

With Touchpoint, you will be able to:

  • Reach existing customers and broader audiences that resist traditional methods of engagement.

  • Fill the gaps in existing customer insights with quick hits of feedback.

  • Recruit those unlikely to respond to traditional feedback modes.

  • Create and administer activities using existing skills and resources.

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