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June 4-5, 2024

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Join thousands of research and insights professionals at our annual Activate virtual event to learn from industry experts and explore best practices from leading global brands. Discover how to connect with the right audiences, gather timely feedback, and work smarter to make a bigger impact on your organization.

2024 Featured Speakers

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Be Inspired by Industry Leaders at the forefront of the latest trends in research and insights.

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Hear from Leading Global Brands on how they’re building world-class research programs that drive business value.

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Learn from Experts to power up your skills with hands-on workshops covering recruitment, engagement, survey design, and more.


Day 1: Thought Leadership and Industry Leaders

The Changing Research Landscape: How Research Teams Can Get Ahead of the AI Revolution
Leonard Murphy, Chief Advisor for Insights & Development, GreenBook

With AI on everyone’s mind, research teams are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities as the industry continues to dramatically evolve. In this keynote, Leonard Murphy explores the dynamic landscape of research in the era of AI and delves into strategies for research teams to not just adapt, but thrive in this rapidly evolving environment.

We will examine the transformative impact of AI on research teams, the shift from fragmented to centralized insights, and how researchers can refocus their efforts to set themselves up for future success.

How to Stop Doing Research That Doesn't Matter
Judd Antin, Product and UX Expert, Ex-AirBnB, Ex-Meta

There are many ways for research to have impact, but the best insights don’t matter if nothing changes. And unfortunately, many insights professionals have found themselves doing fascinating, rigorous research that simply doesn’t land. Ultimately that work can be a waste of time, and even a hit to the credibility of research disciplines. In this talk he will discuss why researchers often end up in this spot, and how to change your practice and approach to put yourself in the driver’s seat.

Breakout Session
Quantifying and Proving the Value of UX Improvements to Enhance Driver Experience
Volvo Cars USA

The insight team at Volvo leverages multiple customer communities to progressively profile vehicle owners and pre-order holders and conduct longitudinal UX research that enables them to improve product and user experiences.

Join this session to see how the Volvo team keeps their highly engaged community in the driver's seat when making crucial UX enhancements via a beta testing program, leading to customer-led product and app enhancements.

Breakout Session
Understanding Consumer Habits to Build Innovative Products that Resonate
Allison Couto, Survey & Market Research Coordinator, Cabot Creamery

Delivering exceptional products to millions of customers requires constant innovation. To set their products apart, Cabot Creamery taps into their customer community to better understand their consumers’ habits. From Video Interviews, to focus groups, to product testing, see how Cabot Creamery blends a mix of feedback methods to uncover opportunities for product innovation and ensure they provide the best products to their customers.

Breakout Session
Coming Soon
Jeff Daker, Executive Director, Research & Insights, POLITICO

More information coming soon.

Breakout Session
Coming Soon
Caroline Barbier, Team Leader - Market Research, Adeo

More information coming soon.

Featured Session
The Future of Research: Alida's Product Vision & GenAI Roadmap

More information coming soon.

Day 2: Workshop Day

Featured Workshop
How To Do UX Research in an Agile, Simplified Way
Cory Lebson, Principal UX Research Consultant, Lebsontech LL

An in-depth workshop on how to do UX research in an agile, simplified way. Cory will walkthrough strategies for being flexible in a fast paced research environment. This workshop will cover how to adjust your mindset to adapt to agile UX research along with a breakdown of UX research methodologies you can use to ensure you’re capturing the most meaningful insights possible.

Recruiting and Engagement Different Segments to Grow Your Community
Hannah Forsythe, Customer Success Manager, Alida

More information coming soon.

Connected Insights: Dashboards, Analytics, and the Future of Reporting
Sean Owens, Principal Technical Consultant, Alida

More information coming soon.

Theme: Building a Scalable Qualitative Research Practice
Daniela Cicoria, Director, Customer Success, Alida

More information coming soon.

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