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The better you understand your customers,
the faster you'll grow.

Alida’s experience management software helps you anticipate, prioritize, and respond to customer needs faster so you can increase revenue and reduce churn.

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Alida Empowers Your Entire Organization.

Alida’s Total Experience Management platform aligns your organization’s customer experience professionals, designers, product owners, marketers, HR teams, and leadership in a shared, holistic view of your customers’ feedback. Information flows across teams so you can work together to make every experience better.

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Customer Experience

Deliver value at every point in the customer journey.

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Employee Experience

Empower people, foster co-creation, and de-risk decisions.

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Product Experience

Accelerate closed-loop innovation for first-mover advantage.

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Brand Experience

Learn why customers feel as they do by capturing sentiment and in-the-moment reactions.

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Built for Speed. Designed for Simplicity.

The Alida TXM platform is your single source for collecting, analyzing and acting on your customer’s feedback. The intuitive design makes it easy to get started, manage, and get results, faster.

  • One seamless platform offers a modular solution so you can add the functionality you need, when you need it.
  • 100+ integrations allows information to easily connect across your business.
  • Our award-winning team of experts partner with you to guide your success.
  • We’re easy to do business with. Alida’s platform and company culture have been recognized globally.
See how simple Alida is to use.

The world's best brands rely on Alida.

176 million people globally have used Alida's Total Experience Platform to inform over 60,000 customer experiences initiatives.

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  • “Our retail growth strategies are grounded in feedback we gather from the insight community...”

    Laura-Lynn Freck, Director Shopper Insights, Red Bull

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  • “Our community is so engaged that we can often test a hypothesis over a weekend ... “

    Alexis Morton, Senior Analyst Global Brand Insights, lululemon

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  • “We connect product designers directly to consumers to shorten and improve product innovation. “

    Valerie Brock, Senior Research Manager, VMware

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  • “We’re passionate about translating feedback into actionable insight, leading to tangible changes ... “

    Colan Neese, Senior Manager Audience Insights, Twitch

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  • “With Alida, it's not only about getting the data, but also ... “

    Franchesca Hernandez, Assistant Manager CXM, Insular Life Assurance

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    Insular Life
  • “Alida is an instrumental tool in our customer experience movement ... “

    Nate Foco, Senior Director, Sales and Market Intelligence, Priority Health

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One continuous process that delivers 10x value.

We work with you to set goals and measure outcomes to ensure you meet your objectives.

Access your most engaged customers

Analyze to dig deeper for customer truth

Act on reliable insights and data

Acknowledge your customers’ impact

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Alida is a customer experience management and customer insights platform. Collect valuable customer feedback and voice of employee data through your insight community powered by Alida.