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At Alida, we believe that transparency is critical to deepening customer engagement, building customer trust, and ensuring brand loyalty. A commitment to trust, transparency, and data privacy is embedded in our culture, processes, and technology.


At Alida we are very intentional about Data Security and Privacy. We thoughtfully design our products and services to meet and exceed regulatory and industry best practice expectations."

Joshua Green, Senior Vice President, Security & Compliance

Our defence-in-depth strategy brings together best-in-class system design, configuration, methods, and processes.

Built for Security

Security starts with a commitment to establishing best practices within our corporate culture. Alida’s dedicated security and privacy team is responsible for establishing our policies, standards, and processes as well as ensuring compliance with them throughout the business. The team works with our Executive and Senior Management to identify and manage risks in a programmatic, well documented manner.


Alida TXM is delivered as a cloud based, multi-tenant, Software as a Service (SaaS) application.

Data is hosted in world-class facilities, and is protected using industry standard encryption technologies while in transit and at rest on our servers. We continually test our application and network internally and with the help of security experts around the world.


The majority of our customers are Fortune 1000 businesses that expect the highest levels of data security, and many of them rigorously test our system as well, to ensure it meets their standards.

All services have quick failover points and redundant hardware, with complete backups performed daily to ensure that our service remains reliable and available to our customers.

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Built for Privacy

Data privacy and transparency is central to our mission. Our commitment to that end is evident across our platform but perhaps most notable with our standard double opt-in technology.

Complying with data privacy laws around the world can be tricky. We’ve designed Alida Sparq and the operations that support our platform to ensure compliance is a seamless experience for our customers.


Our customers manage access to Alida Sparq and they have complete control over the activities which makes it easy to control what data is collected and who can see it.

Our technology also displays our customers’ own privacy policies, ensuring that appropriate disclosures are presented to individuals before and after they engage.


Tools and processes are also in place to help our customers comply with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These include:

  • Global EU data transfer agreements, allowing a compliant follow-the-sun support experience
  • A standard GDPR addendum included in every contract, linked to a comprehensive set of data protection terms
  • Available hosting in the EU
  • A comprehensive list of our sub processors available to all customers
  • Automated personal data purge functionality for easy data removal

A Guide to GDPR and Your Insight Community

This is your guide to managing your Alida Sparq Platform in a manner that helps support your members’ rights under GDPR.

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Alida is dedicated to providing best-in-class security, compliance, and data protection for our customers. To prove this, our production operations are SOC2 Type 2 audited every year, and the report is available to our customers upon request.

The report assesses Alida's capabilities to protect customer data and looks at five key areas of practice:






A Guide to CCPA and Your Insight Community

This is your guide to managing your Alida Sparq Platform in a manner that helps support your members’ rights under CCPA.

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