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Your Customers AreThe Ultimate Source of Truth

That's why we've created Total Experience Management. The world's best brands use Alida TXM to:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Accelerate innovation
  • Increase revenue and drive growth

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Alida has changed the way our stakeholders view research. We involve members in the entire product development cycle from idea generation to design to validation. This insight allows us to understand the ‘why behind the whats’ of Big Data. It provides intelligence at the speed required by the fast moving tech industry.

— Tony Tong, LinkedIn




Collect broad feedback at scale with Alida Surveys and Alida Touchpoint

Leverage enterprise-grade feedback collection tools to collect, distribute, and analyze direct feedback, via surveys or gamified micro-surveys.

Collect deep insights with Alida Sparq

Uncover deep insights from a community of highly engaged customers vested in your success.

Collect indirect sources of feedback with purpose-built integrations

Integrate multiple sources of feedback into Alida’s data lake and combine all your CX data into one platform.


Create a custom closed-loop strategy with a configurable rule engine and on-platform case management

  • Configure custom rules or conditions that trigger actions based on specific survey responses to ensure timely and effective actions are taken.
  • Send custom emails to your customers based on their responses.
  • Automatically create & manage cases to alert relevant CX representatives on further action required

Gain end-to-end visibility into key performance metrics

  • Use real-time, dynamic, and configurable dashboards to visualize survey responses and composition of survey respondents.
  • Case management dashboard for a snapshot view of currently configured rules, number & type of actions taken & status & progression of cases.
  • A NPS Dashboard to visualize NPS scores and trends over time.

Alida Will Help You:


Drive Revenue Growth

Align relevant offers to well-defined customer segments


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improve the customer journey & optimize future experiences


Innovate & Co-Create Products

Accelerate time to market & get it right the first time


De-risk Decisions

Validate investment decisions with customers before commitments are made

What our customers are saying

"Alida is an innovative company with top notch customer service."

Administrator in Insurance

Enterprise (> 1000 employees)

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"A big win for our company, increasingly more impactful the more niche your consumer/stakeholder base"

Davin S

Director Consumer Insights and Analytics Apparel & Fashion

Mid-market (51-1000 employees)

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"Uncovering insights and shaping strategies"

Mariya N

Community Manager, Custom Insights

Enterprise (> 1000 employees)

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Transform your customer experience