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Experience, Reimagined.

Uniting Industry Experts to Reimagine Experiences

At Alida Activate: Experience, Reimagined, we united industry experts with visionary thinkers to connect, be inspired, and learn how to design valuable experiences for customers and employees.

Check out all the inspiring sessions featuring speakers from Gamesys, Travelport, Logitech, and Verve that will fuel you to create breakthrough experiences in your own organisation and provide step-by-step action plans to build world-class programs.

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Empathy in Action

Ross Wainwright, CEO, Alida
Kerry Bodine, Founder, Bodine & Co.

Based on the recently released research report co-sponsored by Alida and Bodine and Co, Empathy in Action explores how empathy is a critical input for creating experiences that are effortless, enjoyable and provide value. This session will discuss the challenges in capturing and measuring customer empathy, and action steps businesses can take to overcome this massive hurdle in experience design and delivery.


CX Innovation for a Cookieless World

Riaz Raihan, President of Products, Alida
Maxie Schmidt, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

What does it take to innovate outside the box and deliver world-class experiences for customers, employees, products, and brands? Join Riaz Raihan, Alida’s President of Products & Engineering and Maxie Schmidt, VP Principal Analyst at Forrester. Reimagine innovation, prepare for the new era of total experience management (TXM), and get the inside exclusive on Alida’s 2022 innovation roadmap.


Championing Customer Centricity at your company: A Travelport Case Study

Sarah Strahan, Head of Business Operations, Travelport
Matthew Ovington, Head of UX, Travelport

Learn from Travelport how even during times of crisis, it is vital to keep your CX efforts going, and how (in partnership with Alida) they are growing and extending use of their hub and insight community to drive customer centricity, particularly in their product portfolio.


How an engaged community can lead to better business decisions: A Gamesys Case Study

Vanessa Bougla, Senior Consumer Insight Manager, Gamesys
Stephanie McDermott, Senior Consumer Insight Analyst, Gamesys

Customer feedback is the basis for any CX strategy. But what happens when feedback starts to dry up? Learn how Gamesys engages its community members to generate a consistent flow of actionable insights which can be effectively incorporated into business decisions and strategies.


Verve: Fuelling agile innovation, CX and brand strategy with insights that are bold, future-facing and ‘true’

Kelly McKnight, Executive Director, Verve
Paul Lawson, Executive Director, Verve

The commercial stakes for insight professionals are higher than ever.In order to help business’ increase revenue, improve profitability or deliver bigger market share we need to be confident that we’re getting the ‘right’ answers in research. While speaking to consumers is a key part of the answer, there’s a worry that by only focusing on the consumer we don’t always getting to the ‘why’ behind what people tell us.We’ll share how, by integrating communities and smart digital insight with things like semiotics, behavioural science, cultural analysis and futurology, we deliver more meaningful insights and future-proofed outcomes.


How Logitech Uncovered New Segments & Designed Inclusive Experiences

Ben Michelmore, Head of User Learning Research Center, Logitech
Gbenga Ajasin, Associate Director, Customer Success

As part of their efforts to better understand customers, Logitech recruited hundreds of customers to provide in depth feedback on products and experiences. During this process, they uncovered a massive, untapped audience – Neuro-divergent gamers. See how they discovered this customer segment and how they quickly pivoted to design more inclusive experiences that keep their players coming back for more!

Spring-’22-Product-Release (1)

Spring ‘22 Release

Riaz Raihan, Jason Baldree, Kathryn Amalfitano

Take a deep dive into the amazing new product innovations included in our Spring ‘22 release.

Hear about the latest products and platform improvements including ways to gather qualitative feedback with live video, easily tracking and automating your data visualization with AI-infused text analytics and dashboards, seamless customer insights collection, and so much more!

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Learn how we use your personal data in our privacy policy and about our country/region options

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