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Experience, Reimagined.

Uniting Industry Experts to Reimagine Experiences

At Alida Activate: Experience, Reimagined, we united industry experts with visionary thinkers to connect, be inspired, and learn how to design valuable experiences for customers and employees.

Check out all the inspiring sessions featuring speakers from Autodesk, Bakkt, Buffalo Sabres, Logitech, Pixel United, and Spotify that will fuel you to create breakthrough experiences in your own organization and provide step-by-step action plans to build world-class programs.

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Empathy in Action

Ross Wainwright, CEO, Alida
Kerry Bodine, Founder, Bodine & Co.

Based on the recently released research report co-sponsored by Alida and Bodine and Co, Empathy in Action explores how empathy is a critical input for creating experiences that are effortless, enjoyable and provide value. This session will discuss the challenges in capturing and measuring customer empathy, and action steps businesses can take to overcome this massive hurdle in experience design and delivery.


CX Innovation for a Cookieless World

Riaz Raihan, President of Products, Alida
Maxie Schmidt, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

What does it take to innovate outside the box and deliver world-class experiences for customers, employees, products, and brands? Join Riaz Raihan, Alida’s President of Products & Engineering and Maxie Schmidt, VP Principal Analyst at Forrester. Reimagine innovation, prepare for the new era of total experience management (TXM), and get the inside exclusive on Alida’s 2022 innovation roadmap.


How Logitech Uncovered New Segments & Designed Inclusive Experiences

Ben Michelmore, Head of User Learning Research Center, Logitech
Gbenga Ajasin, Associate Director, Customer Success

As part of their efforts to better understand customers, Logitech recruited hundreds of customers to provide in depth feedback on products and experiences. During this process, they uncovered a massive, untapped audience – Neuro-divergent gamers. See how they discovered this customer segment and how they quickly pivoted to design more inclusive experiences that keep their players coming back for more!


CX Pioneers: Designing Experiences in New Markets

Kim Kardash, Head of Customer Insights, Bakkt
Angela Baker, Director of Mid-Market Sales, Alida

As a B2B2C player in the emerging cryptocurrency market, Bakkt faces many opportunities and challenges in designing the best experience for their partners and consumers. See how this trailblazer is reimagining how to connect brands and consumers to cryptocurrencies, including through loyalty and rewards, and how tapping into their emerging customer base enables innovation and keeps them ahead of a constantly changing audience.


Building a B2B Sounding Board for Actionable Insights

Bryan Yeager, Senior Market Strategy of Monetization, Spotify Advertising
Brad Stanghetta, Senior Vice President, Sales - NA, Alida

Spotify delivers innovative experiences to hundreds of millions of listeners around the globe, including connecting them with businesses through relevant, engaging ads.

Learn how Spotify built and launched a community of advertising professionals, helping to bring their needs to the center of product design and go-to-market strategy. Hear about how Spotify gets actionable insights from its community and incorporates trust across its program.


Delivering the Best Fan Experience At EVERY Touchpoint

Heather Alongi, Director of Fan Experience, Buffalo Sabres
Lori Williams, SVP, Global Expansion Sales, Alida

For the Buffalo Sabres, the fan experience starts well before the puck drops. See how Heather Alongi, Director of Fan Experience captures sentiment and the voice of fans across every key touchpoint in the fan experience, and unlike traditional customer experiences, that’s a daunting task when the “fan experience” never ends.

Join this session to see how they build a holistic view of their customers and ensure they’re driving the most value, at every step, to the people that matter most—their loyal fans!


Keeping Customers Highly Engaged: Closing the Loop On Research

Kristel Valaydon, Research Recruiter, Autodesk
Zahra Kamal, Community Manager, Autodesk
Jason Baldree, Chief Customer Officer, Alida

Autodesk empowers customers to build, innovate and create anything. As a core part of that process, customers can work with Research teams to help develop products, services and experiences of value.

Join Kristel Valaydon and Zahra Kamal, Community Managers from Autodesk Research Community who share the success on closing the loop on research which has led to increases in customer satisfaction, higher participation rates, and has paved the way for improving their customer research experience.


How Customer Insights at Pixel United Fuel Higher Engagement, Greater Spend, and More Time In-Game

Leslie Willis, Lead, Player Insights, Pixel United
Colan Nease, Senior Account Executive, Global Gaming

With a wealth of different mobile games in their Big Fish Games, Product Madness, and Plarium portfolios, Pixel United relies heavily on their insight communities to uncover root causes behind changes in behavioral data to make meaningful and profitable improvements to the games and experiences they deliver.

Join this session to see how they’ve been able to grow their program, further segment audiences, feed actionable insights directly to their game developers, and make their players a critical part of their process. As a result, they’ve not only been able to improve their games, but have built stronger relationships with their players through the communities, leading to higher lifetime spends and more time played.

Spring-’22-Product-Release (1)

Spring ‘22 Release

Riaz Raihan, Jason Baldree, Kathryn Amalfitano

Take a deep dive into the amazing new product innovations included in our Spring ‘22 release.

Hear about the latest products and platform improvements including ways to gather qualitative feedback with live video, easily tracking and automating your data visualization with AI-infused text analytics and dashboards, seamless customer insights collection, and so much more!

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Learn how we use your personal data in our privacy policy and about our country/region options

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