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The Power of Community-Centered CX

Why the strongest CX programs have insight communities at the core 

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Reaching the right people, in the right place, at the right time. 

Community is no longer a nice-to-have business strategy. It’s become critical for increasing customer loyalty, renewals, referrals, and spend. 

Unlike transactional communities that focus on lowering support costs, insight communities can have a profound impact on your business by building long-term customer relationships. 

Like customer advisory boards, research panels, and focus groups, private digital communities are safe spaces where customers feel free to share honest opinions, knowing your brand will listen and value their feedback. 

Plus, community members agree to participate on an ongoing basis, which means you can have richer conversations and build a detailed profile of each participant over time.


In this ebook you’ll learn: 

  • How community-centered CX increases engagement with your customers, including hard-to-reach groups and the people with greatest influence on your growth
  • How to build and maintain a healthy community that strengthens customer relationships
  • How to leverage the power of community to test, validate, iterate, and co-create strategies with your customers
  • What to look for in a community platform

Alida is a Community Research platform that helps the world's biggest brands create highly engaged research communities to gather feedback that fuels better customer experiences and product innovation.