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How Virgin Money UK Listens and Responds to Rapidly Changing Customer Needs in the Age of Coronavirus

It is predicted that the current situation is likely to create a significant and lasting impact on consumers’ financial health. Banking brands like Virgin Money have a responsibility to support their customer’s diverse and fast changing needs, and prepare them for the new financial climate. 

Virgin Money uses their digital customer community to quickly learn what their customers need and how their behaviours change as they adapt to new environments. Equipped with a regular stream of deep insights across a range of sources, instant customer feedback and the human stories behind the data, Virgin Money is able to tailor offers to their customers’ needs and, through ongoing conversations, plan for the future. 

Virgin Money is shaping and transforming the new times ahead and is helping their customers navigate this difficult time to ensure a brighter future.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Shape content to the current global climate, stay visible, and ensure a clear 2-way communication with customers.
  • Listen to customers and blend insight sources in order to deliver customized solutions and experiences.
  • Adapt and change in response to customers to ensure colleagues are able to deliver a service that will both reassure and delight customers.

Featured Speakers:

laura wasson

Laura Wasson

Brand Insight Manager

Virgin Money UK

kerry byrne

Kerry Byrne

Insight Enablement Manager

Virgin Money UK


Alexandra Crossley

Senior Director, Strategic Accounts


Watch The Webinar

Learn how we use your personal data in our privacy policy and about our country/region options.


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