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Proven community-centered strategies from top global insights teams

Discover how global innovators are revolutionizing customer and user experience by infusing community insights into their organizations.

The Innovator’s Playbook is a must-read for any business looking to enhance their customer and user experience.  It’s packed with real-world success stories from top brands that have built thriving insight communities to gain a direct line to customers, enabling them to reduce risk in decision-making, quickly collect valuable insights at scale, and foster long-term loyalty and trust.

Innovator's eBook

In the playbook you’ll find:

  • 16 success stories of companies that tapped into their communities for insight to improve products, launch new offerings, tailor messaging, and more!
  • The latest trends and innovation in CX and UX
  • Practical advice you can put into action right away to gain buy-in, keep your community healthy, and communicate your results for maximum impact
The Innovator's Playbook

Learn from our top innovators from 2023

Alida is a Community Research platform that helps the world's biggest brands create highly engaged research communities to gather feedback that fuels better customer experiences and product innovation.