The Right (and Wrong) Way to Connect with Customers During COVID-19

In this webinar we'll discuss:

  • Tips on how to win the customer experience game in changing economic environments
  • Why companies need to be mindful of how they interact with their customers AND employees in the present, and in the future impact on the organization
  • How major brands like Lululemon, Twitch, Banfield Pet HospitalsBoston’s Pizza and Teranet are recalibrating CX efforts in both obvious and creative ways to weather the storm

Though the COVID-19 pandemic may be temporary, how you interact with your customers through these difficult times will be remembered for years to come. 

During this unprecedented time, listening to your customers and continuing to provide meaningful, memorable experiences is no longer a luxury—it is essential for coming out on top.

Watch the webinar, as Karen Eisen, SVP of Customer Success at Alida, and Debra Chapman, Customer Success Executive, share how leading brands are listening to their customers to provide exceptional, differentiated experience that keep their customers loyal. 


Vision Critical - Karen Eisen

Karen Eisen

SVP of Customer Success



Debra Chapman

Customer Success Executive


Watch The Webinar

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