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Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enriches customer engagement for faster, stronger CX

Customers want self-service. Businesses want automation. Alida AI is at the intersection, driving higher CSAT and ROI


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Continuous learning makes Alida AI much more than a smart bot

Alida AI supports all aspects of customer experience, not just customer support and contact center. It sits behind the scenes, leveraging Big Data, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning to organize, analyze, and apply intelligence to your CX program.

  • Gain the full value of customer data and feedback from diverse sources
  • Get more meaningful insights, faster
    Discover new opportunities to serve customers
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ChatGPT Integration

Clarify survey responses with automated prompts and follow-up questions

Understand the intention and context of survey responses by applying collaborative intelligence.

  • Prompt users in real-time to modify open-ended responses to improve clarity or provide more detail.
  • Automate appropriate follow-up questions to gather additional insights.
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Text and Sentiment Analysis

Quickly improve your understanding of open-ended survey responses

No more combing through reams of unstructured data hunting for patterns.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) across 11 languages helps you tag and organize customer feedback for rapid analysis and retrieval.
  • By scoring feedback to according to positive, negative, and neutral sentiment, you can understand customer emotions, see what drives them, and track how they change. 
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Video Discussions and Video Feedback

Turn qualitative video feedback into quantitative results you can analyze and share

If customers take the time to send you a video, you don’t want to miss a thing. 

  • High quality speech recognition immediately transcribes and translates video feedback for instant analysis.
  • Sentiment scoring associates positive, negative, and neutral feelings with specific statements and video moments.
  • Aldia automatically clips and tags videos based on specific keywords and emotions so they’re easy to retrieve and share.
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Alida is a customer experience management and customer insights platform. Collect valuable customer feedback and voice of employee data through your insight community powered by Alida.