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Generative Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Accelerate decision-making at scale with the power of generative AI

Turn customer feedback into actionable insights by gaining a deeper understanding of emotions, themes, and their underlying meanings.

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Generative AI delivers a transformative approach to understanding and leveraging customer insights.

Go beyond traditional analysis methods to contextualize data with large language models (LLM). Alida provides businesses with deeper, more accurate, real-time insights to improve decision-making, enhance customer experiences, and conduct more effective research. 

  • Unearth nuances in patterns and sentiment, even within unstructured text data
  • Achieve human-quality analysis and output from qualitative studies at scale
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Quality and security you can trust

Alida selected best-of-breed technologies to ensure the highest level of quality and security for our customers and their data while adhering to best practices around the ethical use of AI. 

Amazon Bedrock enables Alida to leverage generative AI services via APIs without needing to stand up dedicated hardware. It offers easy-to-use, prompt-based large language models.

Alida uses the Anthropic Claude model to unlock new AI capabilities. This model has built-in constitutional AI, making it a more ethical choice than other open models. The AI model leverages a set of principles, or a constitution, to evaluate outputs rather than relying on human judgment. 

Simply put, the constitution guides the model to act in a certain way, avoiding outputs that could be discriminatory or biased. This makes the AI system helpful, honest, and harmless.

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Bedrock enables the addition of the following capabilities to the Alida platform:

Text Analytics:

  • Identify and highlight topics and key phrases within open-ended responses
  • Uncover positive and negative sentiments and trends
  • Understand and respond to what matters most to customers

Survey Result Summarization:

  • Automatically summarize survey and activity results

Automated Translations:

  • Rapidly translate and share feedback from surveys, member hubs, and more in the researcher’s preferred language 

Enhanced End User Responses: 

  • Prompt respondents to provide more detailed responses when necessary

Future Opportunities with Generative AI

Alida continues to explore new ways to use AI to enhance our platform and the experience for our customers, including: 

  • Moderating discussion forums or Hubs posts
  • Survey design & automation
  • Email writing
  • Segmentation and targeting

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