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UX Researchers

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Access users at scale and gather insights in time to influence decisions.

See why UX researchers love Alida

The choice to bring on Alida gave us the ability to not only highlight our commitment to the user experience, but also showed our customers that we were taking their feedback seriously by streamlining the research phase and getting from testing and design to execution faster.

~ Aidan Shealy
Vice President, User Experience

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One platform. Limitless potential.

Democratize research across your organization with a single platform for all teams. From recruitment to building and executing activities, to analyzing and sharing results with key stakeholders - Alida’s centralized research platform has you covered.

Streamline recruiting and audience management

Easily recruit and segment groups of your own users

  • Create a community that represents your user base, including hard-to-reach populations.
  • Know more about each user every time you interact with them.
  • Keep your community healthy and engaged, with industry-leading response rates.
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Execute rapid, effective research at every stage of the innovation cycle

Embed UX research as a critical part of the design and development process by delivering rapid, actionable results.

  • Generative research – Conduct continuous discovery for ideation and early product concepts.
  • Evaluative research– Validate features and test prototypes.
  • Longitudinal studies– Track changes with the user cohort to identity patterns and emerging trends.
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Combine qualitative and quantitative research methods

Use a mix of high-touch and low-touch feedback tools to interact with users in the way they prefer.

  • Moderate focus groups and in-depth interviews for deep, two-way conversations.
  • Embed intercept surveys within your website or application to gather in-the-moment insights.
  • Integrate UX tools you already use for usability testing, accessibility testing, eyetracking, heatmapping, and more.
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Analyze results of your UX research in a unified, intelligent platform

Leverage automation and AI to reduce manual tasks and save time uncovering and communicating insights from your research.

  • Analyze large amounts of unstructured data like text, images, audio, and video.
  • Use built-in statistical analysis and text analytics, including sentiment analysis for customer verbatims.
  • See results in real-time and unlock the meaning behind the data with powerful dashboards and reports.
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  • “We really had a blind spot when it came to getting user-level feedback to understand the nitty gritty around each product. Alida allows us to meet them where they are and get in-the-moment feedback. Our product teams are thrilled they can get to higher level personas like Directors or VPs that they would never have heard from otherwise.” 

    ~ Tanya Thomas, Senior Director of Experience Management, Experian Health

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  • "We advocate for our users by breaking down any preconceived notions and establishing two-way communication, where empathy and openness are the drivers."

    ~ Drew Ford, Lead UX Researcher, MuleSoft

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  • “Because we’ve recruited panelists and community members from our games, we know they’re qualified research participants.”

    ~ Leslie Willis, Lead Consumer Insights, Pixel United

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  • “Before Alida we spent a ton of time identifying participants. Now, our community gives us access to hundreds of users across roles, responsibilities, and regions ready and expecting to be a part of the conversation.”

    ~ Christopher Paul, VP of Digital Products Strategy, Design and Delivery, Sunbelt Rentals

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Alida is a Community Research platform that helps the world's biggest brands create highly engaged research communities to gather feedback that fuels better customer experiences and product innovation.