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Modern Research Made Easy

The Alida platform enables research teams to capture rapid and ongoing feedback from community members and the market at large. Select from a wide range of fit-for-purpose tools and activity types to meet the needs of your research program and provide your respondents with the best experience. 

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Design and launch surveys quickly with intuitive authoring, over 25 question types, advanced logic, and unlimited responses. Track insights in real-time with customizable dashboards.


Video Interviews & Focus Groups

Gain deeper understanding of behaviors, attitudes, and motivations with in-depth video interviews and focus groups and unmoderated video. Collect richer qualitative feedback faster with streamlined segmentation, scheduling, transcriptions, showreels, sentiment and more.

Video Interviews and Focus Groups

Digital Intercepts

Collect actionable feedback in real time and deliver personalized offers and experiences across digital channels with embedded intercepts.

Digital Intercepts

Discussion Forums

Capture real-time qualitative feedback with discussion forums. Give members a space to interact and empower internal stakeholders to easily monitor and participate in the discussion.

Discussion Forums

Research Operations

Unlock the full potential of your research program and deploy activities faster with intuitive authoring, scheduling, and moderation tools. Work across multiple languages, and geographic regions to collect insights from customers around the world, and democratize research across your organization by empowering teams to seamlessly gather and share insights. 

Need a hand? Keep your team focused on strategic initiatives by engaging Alida Managed Services to handle tactical activity execution and community management.

Respondent Experience

Engage with your audience on the channels they prefer, including email, in-app, and web intercepts–all with advanced theming and customization to match your brand. Leverage multiple question types and accessibility features to ensure all participants can engage with activities equally and effectively. Engage in ongoing feedback loops with respondents to deliver member value beyond monetary incentives.

Respondant Experience

See how Alida’s wide range of research tools can help you collect the insights you need from your community while providing a superior respondent experience.

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Alida is a Community Research platform that helps the world's biggest brands create highly engaged research communities to gather feedback that fuels better customer experiences and product innovation.