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Always-on insights
for smarter decisions

Accelerate time to market by shortening release cycles and maximize resources by focusing on what customers need most.

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Customers help shape the future…by collaborating at every part of the design technology lifespan, from evaluating validity of strategic concepts to best testing products prior to launch.

~ ARC Research Ops Team

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Top consumer technology and B2B enterprises rely on Alida 

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Influence every stage of the customer journey

Infuse audience insights into your content, platform and advertising strategies to inform audience acquisition, subscription, content consumption, and long-term retention.

Inspire innovation with user-centered product design

Identify unmet needs and get deep qualitative feedback from hard-to-reach tech buyers. Get answers fast to align with rapid development cycles.

  • Make product discovery a continuous process 
  • Define products collaboratively with customers and employees
  • Test, learn, and iterate to lower your risk
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Remove friction across the user journey

Build better user experiences that reduce effort, increase product adoption, and shorten time to value.

  • Test concepts, prototypes, and MVPs with qualified users
  • Segment cohorts and user groups to personalize interactions
  • Understand what users are really thinking
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Create highly relevant brand experiences 

Instead of guessing, understand how tech buyers make decisions and their perceptions of your products, company, and competitors. 

  • Refine marketing messages and campaigns before you launch
  • Build virality to support product-led-growth 
  • Improve brand health, retention, and referrals
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Make data-driven decisions

Bring together quant and qual data for a 360-degree view of each customer. Understand patterns across your customer base.

  • Align internal teams around data-informed roadmaps
  • Integrate self-reported, behavioral, and telemetry data
  • Uncover sentiment from open-ended responses with the power of generative AI
  • Communicate results with powerful visualizations and dashboards
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Alida is a Community Research platform that helps the world's biggest brands create highly engaged research communities to gather feedback that fuels better customer experiences and product innovation.