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FINANCIAL SERVICES SOLUTION Innovate with Customer Focus

Develop innovative financial products and applications with top-notch user experience to ensure customer loyalty and longevity in a world of disruption.


Why Financial Services Providers Choose Alida


Customer-Focused Digital Transformation

Inform, prioritize, and scale digital transformation initiatives based on deep and targeted customer insights for true value creation


Innovate and Co-Create Products

Identify and place customers’ unique needs at the core to create products with customers, not for them


Enhance digital experiences

Uncover customers’ preferences, behavior, and motivation to simplify and personalize digital experiences and in turn boost customer satisfaction


Contextualize existing customer data

Augment the data in your system of record with hard-to-reach customer insights that contextualize existing data

Are You Prepared to Partner with Your Customers?


of bank executives say that a customer-centric business model is "very important"


Yet, only 17% feel "very prepared"

*Survey results according to PwC Retail Banking 2020 Evolution or Revolution

You're in Good Company

Support Customer-Led Decision Making in Real-Time

Bendigo Bank, Australia’s fifth largest retail bank, transformed how it uses insights to keep pace with customer expectations. Truly customer first, Bendigo Bank leverages insight from its miVoice community to scale CX initiatives across products and services. Bendigo Bank has placed in the top spot on Forrester’s CX index three years in a row, with its online community contributing to that success.

The Alida Difference for Financial Services

With our unique, relationship-based approach, the Alida Sparq platform enables financial institutions to:

Access hard-to-engage customers

Directly interact with thousands of customers in a secure online community, on demand, at scale, and in full compliance with regulatory requirements like GDPR and CCPA.

Collect continuous customer insights

Combine deep customer insight and broad customer feedback to make data-driven decisions in hours rather than days or weeks.

Provide context for existing discrete/siloed data

Connect feedback to existing customer data and diagnose actionable ways to increase customer satisfaction.

Align decision making around the customer

Create an open, centralized, and secure space so historical customer insights are available to decision-makers when they need them.

“The B Part of It community has been an invaluable new resource to enable the rapid testing and development of new concepts and propositions. The speed of response enables customers to directly influence the design thinking process, enabling the community to co-create concepts with us. A game-changing approach to insight for CYBG.”


Customer Insights from Alida Sparq Help You:

Accelerate Innovation

Co-create and test product concepts with highly engaged, well understood customers.

Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank used rapid insights gained through their insights community to launch a new digital banking app geared at a younger digital savvy customer. They have a 20% response rate within the community (vs. a historic 3%) and have reduced research costs.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Diagnose sources of dissatisfaction and align action with better understood customer segments.

Bendigo Bank, Australia’s fifth largest bank uses insights to keep up with customer expectations and test/scale CX initiatives. Based on insight from their community members around pain points in their banking process, they made changes that led to 79% faster customer service. Similarly, they saw a drop in complaints about phone queues of 90%.

Drive Revenue Growth

Develop and align relevant services and offers with customer needs to fuel business growth.

AIA Singapore has developed an innovative suite of financial products and services informed by insight gained through their AIA360 community. Leveraging this insight has allowed them to achieve a 40% YOY increase in revenue from AIA’s Retirement Saver products, increase digital traffic on Vitality mobile app by nine times, and also achieve a three-point increase in NPS.

Secure & Compliant for Financial Services

Our platform is delivered as a cloud-based, multi-tenant, Software as a Service (SaaS) application accessed by members via a web browser. No software or add-ons are installed on any computers. Our many customers within the financial services industry rely on Alida because of our dedication to their data security and privacy needs and the controls we have in place to support them including:


GDPR Ready


CCPA Ready


SOC2 Compliant

Security Data Sheet

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Uncover Agile, Actionable Insights

Learn how Alida Sparq’s relationship-based approach progressively profiles the customer at every interaction producing richer customer insights.

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