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Product Researchers

Test and validate assumptions
before you launch your next product

Embed the customer voice in your product strategy and roadmap to accelerate innovation.

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If we need to find people who have bought a certain item, have a specific interest or live in a certain place, we can because we have that information already. Often we know we can do a better job internally segmenting our panelists to find the right group than we could ever find externally.

~ Jenna Beales
Senior Consultant, Qualitative Research

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Product research that delivers business impact




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One platform. Limitless potential.

Democratize research across your organization with a single platform for all teams. From recruitment to building and executing activities, to analyzing and sharing results with key stakeholders - Alida’s centralized research platform has you covered.

Execute product research throughout the design and development lifecycle

Make confident, data-driven decisions at every stage.

  • Create a community that represents your user base, including hard-to-reach populations.
  • Know more about each user every time you interact with them.
  • Keep your community healthy and engaged, with industry-leading response rates.
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Co-create products with your customers

Apply a mix of quantitative and qualitative research methods to understand your customers’ motivations and preferences.

  • Gather insights from validated users with a vested interest in your products
  • Engage in ongoing conversations with customers through a private, online community
  • Collect immediate, in-product feedback from users
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Analyze results in a unified, intelligent platform

Leverage automation to reduce manual tasks and save time uncovering and communicating insights.

  • Integrate customer feedback with product telemetry and usage data.
  • Understand what features and experiences drive loyalty and/or churn across different segments or cohorts of users.
  • See results in real-time and unlock the meaning behind the data with powerful dashboards and reports.
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  • “Our objective is to enhance our customers’ experience and help them live their lives on purpose. With the support of Alida’s platform we can make data-driven decisions, rooted in what is most meaningful to our customers, so that we are creating the products and experiences our customers want from us.”

    - Suzanna Morris, Vice President, Customer Insights and Analytics, Indigo

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  • “B2B Clients can be tough to engage. They have limited time and need to see immediate value in participating in a community. Their feedback is so important in informing the decisions we make, whether it’s our products, services, or client support. We had to find a way to hear from them regularly and these communities allow us to do that.”

    - Lydia Frangos, Senior Client Insights Analyst, Sun Life U.S.

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  • “Our customer user experience is pivotal in recruiting and retaining quality research participants that help inform our business decisions to reach our goals."

    - The Autodesk Research Community (ARC) Research Ops Team

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Alida is a Community Research platform that helps the world's biggest brands create highly engaged research communities to gather feedback that fuels better customer experiences and product innovation.