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Customer Experience

Understand and improve touchpoints
that impact the customer journey

Foster relationships with customers that increase engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

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We need to listen, learn, and understand the needs of current and potential guests. Our goal is to achieve an even deeper sense of community, brand relevance and affinity, by continuing to be guest-centric in everything we do.

~ Adrienne Salter
Senior Manager Global Brand Insights, lululemon

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More Referrals
From Happy Customers


Likelihood to Purchase

One platform. Limitless potential.

Democratize research across your organization with a single platform for all teams. From recruitment to building and executing activities, to analyzing and sharing results with key stakeholders - Alida’s centralized research platform has you covered.

Develop a comprehensive view of the customer journey

Visualize the end-to-end customer experience and deliver value at every stage

  • Increase alignment across internal teams
  • Understand points of friction that increase the burden for customers
  • Spot emerging issues before they negatively impact your business
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Engage customers how and when they prefer

Employ multiple research methods to understand and measure affinity, satisfaction, likelihood to recommend, and more.

  • Create a safe space for in-depth conversations with customers
  • Discuss and test ideas with your customers at your side
  • Ensure customers feel heard
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Prioritize improvement efforts 

Identify the root causes of issues and understand what levers to move to make the biggest impact.

  • Integrate customer feedback with product, sales, and usage data
  • Understand what experiences drive loyalty and/or churn across different segments or cohorts
  • See results in real-time and unlock the meaning behind the data with powerful dashboards and reports
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  • “If we see dips in a customer experience, we can validate these with the community and find out what they think. Is this just a flash in the pan or is there something more to it? We can get involved in the details”

    - Suse Radcliffe, Voice of Customer Manager, Toyota

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  • “Top of our minds was the question ‘what will the digital experiences look like?’ The goal of the community shifted to support customer migration to new systems and processes, identify and mitigate points of friction, and keep a pulse on the customer experience.”

    - Igor Diner, Customer Experience Insights Manager, BMO

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  • “We had the opportunity to focus on the individual regions, teams, and fans of those teams, and get hyper local at a scale. We wanted to learn about fandoms specific to a market versus national, broad insights.”

    - Susie Thomas - Linear and Cross-platform Research Senior, Bally Sports

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Alida is a Community Research platform that helps the world's biggest brands create highly engaged research communities to gather feedback that fuels better customer experiences and product innovation.