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HEALTHCARE SOLUTION Transform Patient Experience

Directly interact with thousands of your patients in a secure online community, on demand, at scale, and in full compliance with regulatory requirements.


Why Healthcare Organizations Choose Alida


Enhance Patient Experience

Improve patient journey and diagnose opportunities for improvement

Amplify Patient Advisory Councils

Enhance Voice of Patient programs to de-risk decisions


Optimize Marketing & Advertising

Use audience segmentation and targeting to improve messaging


Innovate and Co-Create Products

Patient-centric development of apps, website, and other technologies

You're in Good Company

Improving the Patient Experience Just Got Easier

Introducing our new patient experience solution designed specifically for healthcare providers


Activity Templates

Dashboard & Analytics

  • Follow our patient experience narratives to ensure collection of the right patient feedback to drive actionable insights.
  • Accelerate time to value for healthcare organizations by utilizing industry best practices.

The Alida patient experience solution helps healthcare organizations quickly engage their patient community to learn how to improve the patient experience with predefined activity templates. Incorporating pulse checks on a patient’s visit to their facilities strengthens other care improvement initiatives already in place and allows healthcare organizations to proactively diagnose opportunities for improvement to their patients’ experiences in real-time.


The solution’s accompanying healthcare dashboard displays results of each activity, such as an average patient satisfaction score. The current score, as well as the rating over time, is presented to enable patient experience trend identification and tracking.


Are You Prepared to Partner with Your Patients?


84% of healthcare organizations ranked patient experience in their top three priorities.


Yet, 58% claim they haven’t made investments specifically related to improving the patient experience.

*Survey results from The Beryl Institute

Provide a Personalized Patient Experience

Advocate Aurora Health Care was frustrated with not having agile access to quality insight to keep pace with the speed of business decisions. They launched Aurora Health Share, powered by Alida Sparq, to get ongoing insight and create a seamless end-to-end patient journey.

The Alida Difference for Healthcare

With our unique, relationship-based approach, the Alida Sparq platform enables healthcare organizations to:

Access hard-to-engage patients and stakeholders

Directly interact with thousands of patients in a secure online community, on demand, at scale, and in full compliance with regulatory requirements like HIPPA and CCPA.

Collect continuous customer insights

Combine deep customer insight and broad customer feedback to make data-driven decisions in hours rather than days or weeks.

Provide context for existing discrete/siloed data

Connect feedback to existing patient records and diagnose actionable ways to increase patient satisfaction scores like HCAHPS, CAHPS, Press Ganey, etc.

Align decision making around the patient

Create an open, centralized, and secure space so historical patient insights are available to decision-makers when they need them.

“Our Insiders keep it real for us. We get unique, color commentary we couldn’t get from other places. This is a goldmine for a marketer and helps us to make more patient centric strategic decisions. We feel confident using our Insiders to weigh in on major decisions that represent millions of dollars, we feel confident and have positive early feedback that we made the right decisions.”

Consumer Insights Manager, UnityPoint Health

Patient Insights from Alida Sparq Help You:

Improve Satisfaction

Diagnose sources of dissatisfaction and align action with better understood patient segments.

A top academic medical center is known for its exceptional patient experience. Over 70 departments leverage the digital insight community to diagnose sources of dissatisfaction in order to positively impact all.

Accelerate Innovation

Co-create and test products and concepts with highly engaged, understood patients.

A Southern US health system developed concierge-like service, end of life care communications, and improved patient billing statements based on its 360 view on patient experience with insight from patients, doctors, and nurses who are part of their insight communities.

Effective Marketing

Validate campaigns with patients before going to market.

A Midwest health system needed insight to keep pace with the speed of business. They launched their digital insight community to get ongoing insight and create a seamless end-to-end patient journey and saw a 40% increase in website engagement, a 34% increase in visits to patient portal, and a 36% increase in appointments.

Increase Revenue

Align relevant services and offers to better-understood patient segments.

UnityPoint Health influenced $7 million in decisions in 2018 by de-risking decisions for brand launch and acquisition. They also coupled patient segmentation with customer insight to better understand brand perceptions, fine tuned marketing materials, and supported M&A decisions.

Combine Healthcare Employee Insights for a 360° View of the Entire Patient Experience

Get your healthcare employees’ real-time feedback to enhance their experience, decrease workplace burnout, and improve all aspects of the patient journey. When you take care of your healthcare employees, not only will your healthcare employee satisfaction increase but also your patients will have better experiences.


Dedicated Physician and Nurse Insight Communities

Offer dedicated insight communities for physicians and nurses to address topics that matter most to them including electronic medical record workflows, communication preferences, and work-life balance. Your organization will be able to use their specific feedback to get to the root cause and plan for actionable next steps.


Capture Actionable Insights and Drive Innovation across the Patient Journey

Patient Experience

  • Patient satisfaction deep-dives
  • Voice of the patient advisory councils
  • Needs analysis
  • Patient retention


  • Message & content testing
  • Persona development & segmentation
  • Image, awareness & naming
  • Philanthropy & sponsorship feedback

Product Development

  • Innovation & co-creation 
  • Digital transformation
  • Service offerings & optimization
  • Design & beta testing

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Billing
  • AR/AP
  • Payment portal
  • Estimates


  • Call center feedback
  • Construction design
  • Safety & security
  • Food, retail & parking preferences

Employee Satisfaction

  • Benefits
  • Safety & security
  • Workplace satisfaction
  • Training & development

Patient Journey

  • Journey mapping
  • Deep-dives during key stages
  • Engaging advocates
  • Brand loyalty & engagement

Secure & Compliant for Healthcare

Our many customers within the healthcare industry rely on Alida because of our dedication to their data security and privacy needs and the controls we have in place to support them including:


HIPAA Compliant


SOC2 Compliant

Healthcare Security Data Sheet

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