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Market Researchers

Gather and analyze first-party
data you can't get anywhere else

Deliver valuable customer insights at scale to inform data-backed product, marketing, and customer experience decisions.

See why market researchers love Alida

The community gives us a direct channel to consumers. It's very unique to have a resource move this quickly and be relevant to so many of our brands and verticals.

~ Sofia Gomez Garcia, Executive Director of Innovation, Special Projects and Global Community Management

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Community-led market research yields business results






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To Insights

One platform. Limitless potential.

Democratize research across your organization with a single platform for all teams. From recruitment to building and executing activities, to analyzing and sharing results with key stakeholders - Alida’s centralized research platform has you covered.

Streamline audience management for scalable research operations

Access verified, highly profiled participants for all your studies with a community-led approach to market research.

  • Recruit and qualify research participants in hours instead of weeks.
  • Segment audience groups based on demographic, psychographic, or behavioral attributes.
  • Manage sample sizes, quotas, and burden controls automatically with a centralized approach to panel management.
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Blend data sources and research methodologies to find accurate answers

Set up and execute market research studies that support a variety of business decisions - all from a single platform.

  • Track emerging trends, new competitors, and changing customer preferences
  • Assess the viability of new products and services 
  • Test and refine marketing and advertising concepts to understand what resonates with buyers
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Analyze market research results in a unified, intelligent platform

Leverage automation and AI to reduce manual tasks. Save time uncovering and communicating insights from your research.

  • Analyze large amounts of unstructured data like text, images, audio, and video
  • Use built-in statistical analysis and text analytics, including sentiment analysis for customer verbatims
  • Unlock the meaning behind the data with powerful dashboards and reports
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  • " We now have thousands of customers who are engaged with us in a whole new way. And the nature of this engagement is special. They provide rich information to us, and we provide exclusive information to them, strengthening our partnership.”

    ~ Hilti Group, Customer & Market Insights Team, The Hilti Group

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  • “We needed to find the white space in the crowded beauty and style market. The community is a good place to have more emotional conversations. We can't get those insights anywhere else.”

    - Annalise Wong, Manager, Research & Insights, Byrdie

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  • “The community has become a vital research resource. Our research projects for ad partners are highly customizable. They can understand the soul of how respondents feel about their brand.”

    - Jessica Tarlov, Senior Vice President, Research and Consumer Insight, BDG

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Alida is a Community Research platform that helps the world's biggest brands create highly engaged research communities to gather feedback that fuels better customer experiences and product innovation.