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Deliver the content your audiences crave

Alida helps streaming and broadcast media, gaming, social media, and entertainment providers create unforgettable experiences across every channel and touchpoint.

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Leading Media & Entertainment companies choose Alida, including 7 of the 10 most globally viewed streaming providers

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Influence every stage of the customer journey

Infuse audience insights into your content, platform and advertising strategies to inform audience acquisition, subscription, content consumption, and long-term retention.

Create seamless digital experiences with UX testing

Continuously optimize your program for less than half the cost of traditional UX research tools and get insights in hours instead of weeks.

  • Quickly recruit the right users across diverse and distributed audiences
  • Surface friction, test prototypes, and validate changes through iterative design
  • Gain deeper context by combining self-reported and usage data
Enhance your UXR program
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Create unique experiences for every audience

Integrate first-party data with behavioral data and demographics. Understand not just what people consume, but why. 

  • Increase customer growth through niche targeting
  • Tune personalization algorithms faster and more accurately
  • Understand audience cross-over across brands, acquisitions, and partnerships 
  • Develop models to predict content preferences and consumption
Understand your audience
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Validate audience preferences before you launch

Make rapid, informed decisions about content, format, subscription models, and more to stand out in an oversaturated and competitive market.

  • Increase viewership and reduce serial churn
  • Refine ad-based and subscription-based pricing strategies
  • Crack the code for new revenue streams and platforms
Get more insights, faster
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Improve ad partnerships, optimize your AVOD strategy

Provide advertisers with first-party insights they can’t get anywhere else for a direct impact on ad revenue.

  • Gauge your audience’s ad sensitivity 
  • Correlate the relationship between audience behavior and ad strategy
  • Test ad concepts to make sure they’ll land with your audience
  • Make media shoppable through integrated ad experiences

Monetization strategies

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  • “We needed to really understand how customers felt about the [content] options to make the best choice. Traditional research was too rudimentary…”

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  • “We can put together a questionnaire, send that out on Thursday, get answers by Friday, and report back by Monday.”

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  • “We started small, with one region...Now we touch all parts of the world and are actively running research across a wide scope of methodologies.” 

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  • “Developing relationships with our players is a central part of our development cycle. Our community has led to better business decisions and better player experiences."

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  • “Members inform every lifecycle decision – from measuring marketing preferences of target audiences, to user acquisition initiatives, to UX and game play improvement.”

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Our platform makes it easy, but we’re here if you need us

Learn more about professional services to quickly implement, manage, and scale your market and experience research programs.

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Alida is a Community Research platform that helps the world's biggest brands create highly engaged research communities to gather feedback that fuels better customer experiences and product innovation.