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Provide your clients with actionable customer intelligence to develop better products, launch successful marketing campaigns, increase loyalty, and improve customer experience.




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Alida is the global authority in building engaged online communities of customers for ongoing feedback. Partners entrust Alida’s software to help them deliver unparalleled insight to their clients. The Alida Partner Network is designed to enable growth for organizations of all sizes.

Grow with Alida

We are growing at an incredible pace that requires your help to bring superior customer intelligence and insight to organizations around the world.

Tailored To Your Industry

We provide industry and role-specific insight and engagement strategies to help you benefit from our technology.

Community Engagement

We help you create insight communities with highly engaged members who deliver ongoing and reliable customer intelligence and insight.

Resource Access

We provide you with access to the Alida Academy and extensive training to ensure you are well equipped to sell, implement, service and/or align with Alida.

Partner Rewards

We share our success with partners by way of referral fees and margin sharing that will add additional revenue streams to your organization.

Competitive Advantage

We give you a competitive advantage by providing your customers the actionable intelligence to develop better products, launch successful marketing campaigns, increase loyalty and improve customer experience.

Solutions Your Customers Will Love

Alida partnership types

Alida Ambassador

Companies or individuals who love Alida and want to tell everyone! Commonly known as a referral partner, an Alida Ambassador refers new customers to Alida. Our account team then engages with the lead. Closed business is eligible for a referral fee.

Alida Services Partner

A trusted partner that has the capability to implement Alida technologies and/or conduct advanced services alongside the technology. This includes leading systems integrators, advisory, management consulting, and firms helping businesses from CX consulting through to implementation.

Alida Solution Provider

An insight community & CXM expert who can provide a complete Alida solution to their clients. Market, sell, implement, and service Alida technologies and receive a preferred reseller discount to earn margin on transactions.

Alida Technology Partner

A progressive technology company either extending their technology by connecting to the Alida CXM & Insights Platform, or integrating Alida into their platform. This technology integration opens new doors for enhanced solutions that can be considered for co-marketing and co-selling.

Are You a Good Fit?


Customer Centric

Are you passionate about putting the voice of the customer at the center of every decision?


Relevant Expertise

Do you have enterprise customers who rely on your expertise in marketing, market research, insights, CX, or consulting?


Industry Alignment

Do you service clients in Financial Services, Healthcare, Media, Technology, or Retail/CPG?


Growth Opportunity

Ready to win new clients, develop new offerings, and leverage a scalable platform to add value to your customers?

"We’ve been partners with Alida since 2020 and they’re a great team to partner with to push the boundaries of customer experience. Strong leadership really focused on execution, great to be working with Ross Wainwright and the whole team."

Dave Carruthers, Founder & CEO, Voxpopme




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