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Collaborate with your most engaged and loyal customers and employees by bringing them into an always-on community.

With Community, customer-centric brands can create a consistent flow of deep customer insights.

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On-demand insights with input from the right people, at the right time.

Build and progressively profile your customers to integrate their feedback into your most critical decisions with your own in-house panel. With Community (formerly Sparq) it’s easy to recruit, target, get feedback, and reward every customer segment to generate insights that drive revenue growth, improve customer satisfaction, innovate product development, and mitigate decision risk.


The Community difference

Know your customers

Progressive profiling delivers customer insights that can’t be obtained anywhere else. See a complete view of community member activities and feedback to build rich profiles so you can target the right people with every study.

Collect insights effortlessly

Invite community members to give feedback and track their participation over time. You can quickly design and launch projects with our survey builder, discussion forum, member hub, virtual focus groups, and in-depth-interviews.

Manage rewards automatically

Design and seamlessly manage incentive programs that allow you to track different types of rewards including points and sweepstakes.

Experience world-class support

Each Community customer has a dedicated customer success manager who provides guidance on best practices for recruitment and engagement developed over 20 years in the customer insights business.

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Community Features

Progressive profiling




Analysis & reporting

Quick polls

Develop rich profiles and deep segmentation

Build and enrich customer profiles with demographic, interest, and motivation data over time.

Anticipate customer behavior based on prior interactions and data from other sources.


Learn from the right customers at the right time

Power your insights with unlimited survey responses.

Deliver interactive surveys on any device and in multiple languages.


Drive stronger engagement and collaboration

Member hubs allow you to engage members socially and share exclusive content and newsletters.

Stakeholder hubs allow you to embed customer insights in every part of the business so organizations can make data-driven customer-centric decisions.


Enrich understanding through conversation

Capture real-time qualitative feedback.

Enable interactive social engagement between customer members to generate richer insights.


Reveal customer insights from new and existing data

Apply advanced tools, including crosstabs, weighting, and text and sentiment analysis, for critical insight on customer segments.

Create and share reports or export in various formats for fast, in-depth analysis.

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Engage members with short and compelling activities

Collect data quickly to augment existing customer insights.

See instant results of member feedback and use to action new content and decisions.


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Keep track of key metrics on the go. Our mobile app allows Insight Community admins to monitor survey progress directly from a mobile device.


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Alida is a customer experience management and customer insights platform. Collect valuable customer feedback and voice of employee data through your insight community powered by Alida.