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Video Discussions

Rich qualitative feedback with the power of live video

With Video Discussions, collecting qualitative insights through video research has never been easier. Create, schedule, and conduct in-depth interviews and virtual focus groups to bring experiences to life.

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Moderate live video conversations

With Video Discussions, organizations can conduct virtual focus groups and in-depth interviews with ease. Effortlessly segment, track, and schedule participants. Share stimuli, and allow your team to observe without disrupting to gain deeper understanding into customer behaviors, attitudes, and motivations.


The Video Discussions difference

Integrated workflow

Video Discussions integrates seamlessly with the Alida Total Experience Management platform so you can plan, execute, and efficiently manage all aspects of video research to elevate your qualitative research and voice of the customer programs.

Automated qualitative research

Collect faster, richer qualitative feedback and segment, prepare, interview, and analyze with ease.

Built for insights

Capture qualitative feedback with screen sharing, interactive whiteboard, built-in translator capabilities, integrated discussion guide, bookmarking, polling, and more.

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Video Discussions features

Calendar tab to easily schedule interviews and focus group discussions.

Integrated discussion guide for easy moderation to check off each question as you go.

Quick polls to engage participants.

Content upload for images, videos, and reports with markup capabilities.

Sentiment analysis of the transcriptions to associate positive, negative, and neutral feelings with specific statements and video moments.

Theme finder to automatically clip videos based on specific keywords and tags across numerous videos within a project.

Tagging and tag explorer to streamline access to specific sections of your video clips that help you tell the story.

Automatic transcription to give you almost immediate AI-driven verbatim of the interview in over 100 languages.

Key takeaways of feedback after every interview from moderators and observers while the insights are fresh.

Save moments button to capture 15 seconds before and after that moment as a clip and stored in your recordings for later.

Word cloud visuals from saved moments and theme finder video clips to highlight the most important keywords.

Highlight showreels are created in minutes from customized snippets to present real, human stories and findings to stakeholders.

Virtual backroom for stakeholders to view respondent feedback in live-time.

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