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As the head of customer feedback programs for
Adobe’s Digital Experience Business Unit, Alison
goes above and beyond in ensuring the customer
voice is being involved before new products go to


Success with Fast Feedback

Earlier this year, Alison helped build a system for including the voice of the customer in product development — and she did it in an agile and scalable way that doesn’t slow down innovation.

Alison and her team rolled out a feedback panel with Alida to get closer to their customers more quickly and accelerate product development’s decision-making process. Under her leadership, they were able to fill activities ranging from beta test programs to user labs within just 24 hours. So far, her team has completed 150 feedback activities with customers.

More Learning, More Educating

Leading with customer empathy, Adobe prioritizes customer learning rather than taking a one-sided approach to listening. And, by always staying ahead of customer preferences, the company quickly adapts to digital and hybrid models at scale, allowing them to:

Increase engagement

  • By investing in Adobe’s digital experience community and learning platform—where customers go to learn from each other and Adobe experts—Adobe helped boost engagement rates by 134%.

Reach more customers than ever before

  • Embracing a hybrid format, Adobe welcomed 200,000 registrants for the Adobe Summit 2021—increasing the audience by 700% from past in-person summits.

Alison's Best Practices:

Build a community where you can educate and learn from your customers while helping them connect with peers.

Think outside the boardroom and create fun experiences to get to know your customers.

Leverage hybrid activities to drive the most value from in-person and virtual touchpoints.

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