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Identify Actionable Trends.

Stay up-to-date with feedback trends, metrics, and insights to uncover the business opportunities that will be most impactful in improving customer experiences. Share your success with your stakeholders to make informed, timely decisions.

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Centralized Feedback Programs.

Simplify your tech stack to gain a unified view of customer experience metrics and their impact on business performance. Confidently inform decisions by validating solutions backed by feedback from your always-on, deeply profiled community members.


Strategic Decision-Making.

From existing feedback programs to third-party data, dive deep into the why behind customer behavior and preferences. By understanding the subtleties of customer feedback, businesses can tailor their strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and drive growth.

Easy to Use

Empower your teams to focus on interpreting the data and taking action with the Visualization Assistant.  Using automated, smart tile suggestions, creating and updating dashboards is intuitive, efficient, and purpose-built for DIY.

Whether you need high-level executive summaries or granular insights for specific teams, these dashboards scale to fit your needs.


Analytics Platform Features.

Visual Storytelling

Achieve Transparency

Source Agnostic

Generative AI Insights

Key Phrases

Visual Storytelling 

Data visualization tools transform raw data into visually appealing, easy-to-understand dashboards. Tables, charts, and graphs not only make data more accessible but also provide a compelling narrative that fosters a deeper understanding of customer feedback.


Achieve Transparency

Manage data access according to your company's organizational hierarchies. Easily share live dashboards across your organization by exporting, emailing, using a share link, or accessing on-the-go insights within the Alida Mobile App. 


Source Agnostic

Combining data from various sources like surveys, intercepts, reviews, and more delivers a 360-degree view of customer sentiment, ensuring a more accurate and representative understanding of customer opinions. This synergy transforms raw feedback into actionable insights, providing a powerful competitive advantage.


Generative AI Insights

Generative AI algorithms unearth nuances in patterns and sentiment, even within unstructured text data. This cutting-edge technology goes beyond what traditional analysis can achieve, uncovering specific areas of opportunity unique to key segments, locations, journey stages, and more within customer feedback.

Generative AI

Key Phrases

Our Text Analytics tool identifies and highlights essential phrases within open-ended responses, enabling precise tagging for superior information retrieval. Access more detailed, accurate, and pertinent insights to empower deeper understanding and respond to what matters most to your customers.


Customer Analytics Tools.

Stay on top of your CX programs' most relevant information, even on the go. Visualize dashboards and get notifications on your portable devices with Alida's mobile app.

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