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Identify trends and changes over time.

Markets evolve dynamically just as customers’ insights. Stay up-to-date with the trends and progress of your CX programs. Share your success with your stakeholders.

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Centralized & source agnostic.

Manage your insight community, recruit from multiple channels, collect and share feedback bidirectionally, and access related analytics, all-in-one integrated platform. Simplify your tech stack and have a unified view of customer experience metrics and their impact on business performance over time.


Flexible & Easy to use.

Continuously monitor the progress of all your CX programs and make it easy for you and your stakeholders to stay informed. Analytics minimizes the effort, time, and possibility of human error by transforming a once cumbersome manual process into accurate, automated, customizable reviews.

Contextualize customer sentiment to better understand how customers and employees are feeling

Easily create dashboards with Survey dashboard’s one-click wizard and analyze open-ended text responses to better understand customer motivations and sentiment.

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Customer Analytics Platform Features.

Live dashboards

Flexible reports

Achieve transparency

Live dashboards

Accelerate time-to-value with dashboard templates, or simply create one or multiple charts in an instant directly from the survey tool. Choose or aggregate drag-and-drop functionality, custom fields, dimensions, and measures (grouping, sum, and average). To display the most up-to-date information, dashboards are automatically refreshed periodically.


Flexible reports 

Expedite decisions by sharing customized dashboards that are easy to interpret and interact with. Apply your brand's look and feel to Analytics dashboards which include time-series charts, gauge charts, bar charts, word clouds, tables and more. Export crosstabs, significance testing, and weighting results to an Excel file, and speed up analysis across your entire organization.


Achieve transparency

Manage data access according to your company's organizational hierarchies. Easily share dashboards across your entire organization by exporting, emailing, or using a share link. Tag the most relevant information for faster filtering.


Customer Analytics Tools.

Stay on top of your CX programs' most relevant information, even on the go. Visualize dashboards and get notifications on your portable devices with Alida's mobile app.

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