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Conversational Surveys

Engage customers faster via SMS

Leverage the power of conversational design and interactive feedback for frictionless insights from customers.  

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Engage your broader customer base

Traditional survey channels are not delivering the engagement and completion rates that brands need.  Businesses need to better understand the customer by engaging them on their preferred channels to capture their input. Conversational Surveys, delivered via SMS, unlock new insights from different segments and demographics of your customer base to account for unheard voices and uncover new opportunities.


Unlock new growth 

Supercharge your omnichannel strategy

Adding an SMS channel to the feedback strategy lets brands meet customers where they are. Leverage the high open rates of SMS to capture in-the-moment feedback from customers in critical moments in the customer journey.

Faster insights in real-time

Drive higher engagement and response rates by leveraging interactive feedback, conversational design, and two-way messaging as frictionless means of capturing insights about the customer experience.

Accelerate time-to-insight

Design, test, and iterate survey design with an intuitive interface and deploy feedback and insights programs at scale with minimal training and setup.

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Conversational Surveys features 

Intuitive builder

Effortless deployment

Reporting and analysis

Intuitive builder 

  • Design personalized surveys for target audiences quickly using a drag-and-drop editor. 
  • Choose from a range of question types and logical branching to dig deep into your customer preferences. 

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Effortless deployment

  • Test and iterate the survey design and logic with Preview. 
  • Deploy surveys to large customer segments through a simple CSV upload or even to a single user. 
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Reporting and analysis

  • Advanced reporting and analysis capabilities reveal context and trends in customer feedback.
  •  Augment customer data with captured insights and drive better personalization.
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