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SMUD Achieved

81% above advertising conversion goal

$1.4m in savings + avoided costs

Shaped the successful launch of a new program


SMUD, a community-owned, not-for-profit electric service provider in Sacramento, California, used its insight communities to develop a deeper partnership with customers, improve marketing programs and deliver high-quality insight in less time.


  • Customer experience
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Product innovation

Business Challenge 

To effectively raise awareness and adoption of new programs, SMUD wanted to engage with customers faster than it could through traditional research. SMUD wanted to involve customers in the decision-making process and fulfill their vision of building trust with the community they serve.


The organization leverages the SMUD Plugged-In and SMUD Power-Voice insight communities to engage with residential and commercial customers.


Community feedback shaped the naming, development and successful launch of a new energy-saving program. The communities also helped SMUD’s marketing team exceed KPIs one month early for a major campaign. Encouraged by the success of these customer communities, SMUD recently launched an employee insight community to gather staff feedback.

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