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Hiring Accommodations

Accommodations for Job Applicants

At Alida, we’re dedicated to fostering an environment where our employees feel heard, valued, and included. We are an Equal Opportunities Employer.

Alida has an accommodation process in place to provide reasonable accommodation to employees, and to qualified job applicants with a disability during the hiring process. If you require accommodation because of a disability or medical need, please contact so that arrangements can be made for the appropriate accommodations to be in place.

If a qualified job applicant requests an accommodation, Alida will work with the qualified job applicant and provide reasonable accommodations according to the applicant’s accessibility needs due to their disability. When making offers of employment to the successful applicant, the successful applicant will be notified of the policies for accommodating employees with disabilities.


  • Disability means any impairment, including a physical, mental, intellectual, cognitive, learning, communication or sensory impairment — or a functional limitation — whether permanent, temporary or episodic in nature, or evident or not, that, in interaction with a barrier, hinders a person’s full and equal participation in society (
  • Reasonable accommodation means necessary and appropriate modification and adjustments to the job application or assessment process, or to the work environment, to ensure that persons with disabilities are afforded an equal consideration for a position, but that will not cause undue hardship or burden to the employer (
  • Qualified job applicant with a disability means someone who possesses the required skills, education, experience, and training for a position, and who can, with reasonable accommodation, perform the essential functions of the position the individual desires or holds

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