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Jason Baldree,
Chief Customer Officer

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Jason Baldree has over 20 years of experience leading and propelling world-class SaaS products to greater revenue through customer value realization and expansion. As Chief Customer Officer at Alida, Jason empowers teams to deliver innovative, high quality, and sustainable customer solutions and engagements that build customer loyalty, solidify competitive edge, and drive bottom-line financial results. In addition, Jason leads in planning and executing tactical and strategic initiatives to increase retention and revenue. 

Before joining Alida in 2018, Jason held senior leadership positions at BMC Software, CA Technologies and Protiviti, where he led a variety of Customer Success and Consulting Services teams. He has deep experience in guiding customers through the adoption of various technologies. Jason started his career in the late 1990s at Lockheed Martin, where he worked with some of the largest global organizations helping them to drive efficiencies and value through automation platforms.

Alida is a Community Research platform that helps the world's biggest brands create highly engaged research communities to gather feedback that fuels better customer experiences and product innovation.