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Standard Contractual Clauses

July 24, 2023

If you are an Alida customer that is contracting with a non-EEA based Alida entity and you wish to implement the EU / UK Standard ContractualClauses then please:

1. Download Alida's Standard Contractual Clauses via [this hyperlink].

2. Complete Annex 1 with details of your organization and the Alida entity that you are contracting with (please refer to your Master Services Agreement, Order Form, or your Customer Success Representative if you are not sure of the legal entity details).

3. Save your completed SCCs and send them to your Customer Success Representative, who will confirm the incorporation. 

Please note that the Alida SCCs have been updated to include the UK data transfer language as required bythe Information Commissioner's Office.

Many thanks,

Alida Privacy Office

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