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Alida NPS®Accelerate CXM with NPS

Collect Feedback & Close the Loop


Learn What Your Customers Think

Net Promoter Score® (NPS) is one of the most common customer experience benchmarks used by companies around the world. With Alida’s NPS Accelerator, you get a flexible, easy-to-use, and powerful platform to engage your customers.

With Net Promoter Score You Can:

Gain directional guidance on how your brand is perceived

Benchmark against industry and competitor scores

Uncover customer loyalty drivers

Optimize around a single customer metric

Segment customers by loyalty

Retain loyal promoters for revenue continuity

Identify unsatisfied and at-risk detractors and create a conversion plan

Monitor improvements in products, services, and across the entire customer journey

CXM Maturity Assessment

To see where your organization falls, simply answer the following questions by checking the appropriate box. Once completed, you’ll see which stage of CX maturity your organization falls under.

1. Is NPS feedback captured from customer touchpoints and channels?



2. Is NPS feedback actioned into improvement initiatives?



3. Is the NPS collection and review process a formalized program?



4. Are your company leaders champions of capturing customer feedback and improving customer experience scores?



5. Is employee performance or compensation tied to NPS? (ex. Performance KPIs, recognition programs, bonuses)



6. Are there NPS reports or dashboards available across the organization?



7. Is there a single, unified NPS platform used across the company?



8. Are insight communities, Voice of Customer (VoC) platforms, or research panels used to gather deep customer feedback?



9. Is the customer journey formally mapped out along with all customer touchpoints and engagement channels?



10. Does your company have short term customer experience goals and a long term customer experience vision?



Get your Results

How Mature Is Your CXM Program?

Whether you’re just embarking on a CXM initiative or you have a mature CX program, NPS Accelerator can help accelerate results. 

By leveraging the experience of hundreds of well-known and respected customer-centric brands, we've developed a CXM maturity assessment that helps you determine where you are today, and define what your program should look like so the path forward is clear.

Uncover your level of CXM maturity to get the most from an NPS program.


Retail promoters spend 3.5 times more than detractors*


When compared with detractors, promoters are nine times as likely to try new offerings from companies.**

*Survey results from Bain and Company**Survey results from Temkin Research Group

Improving Customer Experience Just Got Easier

Introducing Alida NPS®, our new NPS® solution designed to accelerate your business.

NPS® Survey

Dashboards & Reports

Text & Sentiment Analysis


Customer Support

NPS® surveys allow you to gain broad feedback and deep insights.

Alida NPS®  includes:

  • NPS® question type & 25 additional question types
  • Unlimited responses
  • Self-service interface
  • Customizable
  • Branded survey experience
  • Integrations

Get the right information to the right people in the organization with flexible dashboards and pre-configured reports. This gives brands a real opportunity to inject the voice of the customer into the most strategic decisions the company makes.


Advanced reporting and analysis capabilities allow you to gain directional guidance on how your brand is perceived by both promoters and detractors.

  • Apply advanced tools (including text and sentiment analysis and weighting) for critical insight on customer segments
  • Create and share reports or export in various formats for fast, in-depth analysis
  • Identify unique strategies to motivate different customer types
NPS Accelerator Text Analysis

Improve your response rates by engaging customers on the devices and platforms they want to use. With NPS Accelerator you can collect customer feedback through:

  • Email
  • QR Code
  • Embedded Links
  • And more

To maximize the value NPS Accelerator delivers, each customer is assigned a Customer Success Manager who provides guidance on best practices for engagement and success developed over almost 20 years in the customer insights business.


In today’s world, you can’t get away with just listening to your customers and employees, you have to act quickly once you learn their needs and attitudes, Our new NPS Accelerator enables brands to do just that — collect feedback and then close the loop for meaningful impact.


Get Started Quickly

Alida makes it easy and low-risk to launch our Alida NPS Accelerator so you can rapidly gain vital customer insights to inform strategic business decisions.

Complete over 15 hours of personalized hands on NPS Accelerator training

Learn how to build an NPS program in collaboration with your stakeholders

Design and author your first NPS survey

NPS Accelerator Datasheet

What Is Net Promoter Score (NPS®)?

In its most simple form, Net Promoter Score can be described with one simple question: “On a scale from 0-10 how likely are you to recommend our company?”

Net Promoter Score divides respondents into three categories based on the scale point they selected:


(scale points 0 through 6):

Detractors are often unhappy and can diminish your brand through negative word of mouth.


(scale points 7 and 8):

Passives are generally satisfied customers, but lack the enthusiasm of Promoters. This group is vulnerable to competitive offerings and not immune to defection.


(scale points 9 and 10):

Promoters are your customers who are loyal and enthusiastic about your organization and will continue buying and referring others.

Ready to elevate your CXM program?

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