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PowerUp Webinar Series

Join us for customer-exclusive interactive sessions where users learn and connect with product experts and peers. These in-depth workshops dive into new features and techniques to speed up and scale your insights program.

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PowerUp Sessions

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Improving Survey Efficiency: Driving Better Results in Less Time

Trisha Jacobs, VP Customer Success & Julia Nathanson, Product Specialist


Flexible UX Research for Successful Outcomes

Cory Lebson

An in-depth workshop on how to do UX research in an agile, simplified way. Cory will walkthrough strategies for being flexible in a fast paced research environment. This workshop will cover how to adjust your mindset to adapt to agile UX research along with a breakdown of UX research methodologies you can use to ensure you’re capturing the most meaningful insights possible.

Overcoming Barriers_ _5 Challenges and Solutions for Scaling Qualitative Research_2x

5 Challenges and Solutions for Scaling Qualitative Research

Daniela Cicoria & Alex Crossley, Alida

The need for rich qualitative insights to understand customer behaviors is greater than ever. Technological advancements have streamlined large-scale qualitative research, but how do you begin incorporating these methods into your community program?Discover how to overcome barriers to qualitative research by leveraging a proven framework and tools designed to maximize efficiency and scalability in your research programs.

Recruiting and Engaging Different Segments to Grow Your Community@2x

Recruiting and Engaging Different Segments to Grow your Community

Hannah Forsythe, Dustin Zender, Alida

It’s never been more valuable to have a balanced 360° view of your consumer base. Engaging new demographics and discovering impactful ways to connect with different customer personas is crucial to continuous community growth. Join this workshop to learn how to tap into niche customer and consumer segments. Discover innovative new recruitment sources to identify a variety of consumer groups and leverage progressive profiling for targeted segmentation and increased engagement.

Connected Insights_ Dashboards, Analytics, and the Future of Reporting@2x-1

Connected Insights: Dashboards, Analytics, & the Future of Reporting

Connell O'Reily, Julia Nathanson, Ken Vulliamy, Alida

Segmented data and unstructured reporting make analysis and insight generation difficult. Discover how to bring your data together to tell a cohesive story and make quick, informed decisions using a single tool.In this session, you will learn how to combine data sources, including quantitative, qualitative, and video feedback, to gain deeper insights from your survey reporting and dashboards. Explore how Gen AI enhancements will revolutionize your approach to data analysis and reporting to generate insights easier than ever.


Building an Insight Ecosystem Centered Around Community

Sophie Millions & Louise Morrow, PA Consulting

An insight ecosystem centered around a customer community is the most efficient and effective way of driving deep insights at speed and scale. The most successful communities have evolved into universal and multifaceted insights platforms at the centre of market, product, and user research programmes. This workshop will cover the steps and considerations for how you can evolve your community into an insight engine that supports more use cases, informs new stakeholder groups, and accesses new audiences.


Alida PowerUp: 2023 Product Highlights and New Feature Walkthrough

VP Product Management, Connell Oreilly & Solutions Engineer, Lautaro Mareno

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What you can expect

  • Live 45-min sessions lead by Alida product experts and customer success professionals
  • Dedicated time for open discussion and Q&A with session hosts
  • Content targeted to support and educate both new and long-time platform users
  • Opportunity to share and learn from other users
  • In-depth and live product walkthroughs  you can follow along with!

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Learn how we use your personal data in our privacy policy and about our country/region options

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