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Sean Peters,
Chief Customer Officer

Sean Peters

Sean is a strategic thinker and leader, with a passion for developing talent, enabling his teams and putting the customer first. He has over 20 years experience building high performing teams in hyper growth tech companies. With a primary focus on enterprise customers, he has experience across B2B, B2C and all segments of customers. During his career, he has experienced his own successful exit, an acquisition and multiple funding rounds and achieving over a billion dollar valuation.

Most recently, he was at Toronto based Ada (conversational AI) where he built and led the customer experience org from inception up to a team of over 100 members from their Seed through to Series C. He built out multiple functions including implementation, customer success, education and support teams and ultimately responsible for a best in class NRR and NPS. 
Early in his career, Sean co-founded Tysce, a health and fitness web app where he experienced wearing multiple hats and also his love of tech and working with customers began. 

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